Fairfield Primary Teachers Remind Everyone With A Cheery Song, “Wednesday Is HBL, Don’t Go Out, Do Your Part”

Fairfield Primary Teachers Remind Everyone With A Cheery Song
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With Singapore primary schools trying out home-based learning on Wednesday, 1 April 2020, the teachers from Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) have put together a song to help bring a smile to those trying to adjust to this method of learning.

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) Teachers’ HBL Song

The song entitled “Stay at Home” features three Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) standing a suitable one-metre apart from each other. The lyrics were written by Mr Tristan Wee with a melody by Mrs Serena Chan.

Both Mr Wee and Mrs Chan can be seen performing the song in the one minute fifty-five second video. They are accompanied on guitar by Mr Kenneth Kueh.

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The song goes:

COVID-19 is here to stay
But we can work together, keep it at bay
When you play in areas that are shared
COVID-19 may be lurking out there
Don’t touch your face wth your bare hands
Before you do that, go wash your hands

Wednesday is HBL
Don’t go out, do your part
Keep 1 metre from everyone
Stay at home, just stay at home

Wednesday is not a holiday
Don’t go running out all day
We’ll have lessons in a special day
Listen to your teachers and do what they say
Home-based learning is what it’s called
You’ll do some work so don’t be too shocked

The implementation of home-based learning once a week has resulted in stress for some parents who have had to look for devices and figure out how to support their children as they stay at home. Likewise, there are also teachers who are trying to learn how to best conduct the lessons remotely.

Hopefully, the song by the Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) teachers help to bring a smile to everyone’s faces even as we – parents, students and teachers alike – enter into uncharted waters during this COVID-19 situation together.

#weareallinthistogether #sgunited #sgstrong

Watch the video below:


“Wednesday is not a holiday~don’t go running out all day.” The teachers at Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) put together a song as a gift to students in Singapore – to remind them to stay home and stay safe as home-based learning starts!

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Posted by Ministry of Education, Singapore on Tuesday, 31 March 2020

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