Enrichment Centres in Singapore: Maths And English Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Centres in Singapore: Maths And English Enrichment Classes in Singapore
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Need to give your child a boost in their school academic work? Which Maths enrichment class or English enrichment class in Singapore should you consider? With so many different enrichment centres in Singapore, what do different enrichment centres offer and what can you child gain from time invested at an enrichment class covering academic subjects?

We take a look at some enrichment centres in Singapore which provide English and Maths classes for different ages and levels.

Maths Enrichment Classes in Singapore & English Enrichment Classes in Singapore

Eye Level

Eye Level - Maths Enrichment Class in Singapore & English Enrichment Class in Singapore
Image: Eye Level

At Eye Level, the overarching philosophy is to help children to learn and grow at their own pace or at their “eye level”. Children are taught to be self-directed learners with instructors providing guidance where necessary.

Eye Level Singapore offers Maths and English enrichment classes for 4 to 14 year olds at 21 convenient locations islandwide. Originally from Korea, Eye Level has a track record of about 40 years.

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At a typical class, students will arrive at the centre, submit their past week’s homework to the instructor before commencing with the current week’s lessons. They will spend time working on learning sheets, receiving guidance from an instructor where necessary. Each student progresses at his or her own pace as he or she masters the different topics.

Eye Level’s Math enrichment classes are built on the twin tenets of Basic Thinking Math and Critical Thinking Math. The former lays down foundational concepts such as arithmetic and equations while the latter tackles higher-order skills like pattern-recognition, reasoning and problem-solving. Students learn both Basic Thinking Math and Critical Thinking Math simultaneously.

Eye Level’s English enrichment classes in Singapore are benchmarked against global curriculum standards. Classes for different age groups cover skills ranging from phonics to critical analysis and writing.

Find out more about Eye Level Singapore’s Math and English enrichment programmes, or sign up for a free consultation, here.

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Seriously Addictive Mathematics

Seriously Addictive Mathematics
Image: Seriously Addictive Mathematics

Created by a team of former Singapore school teachers and textbook publishers, Seriously Addictive Mathematics, or S.A.M for short, offers an enrichment programme for 4 to 12 year olds based on the Singapore brand of Maths. It is the largest Singapore Maths enrichment programme in the world with more than 150 centres worldwide in 16 countries.

S.A.M’s programme emphasises developing a child’s mastery of Maths through interest and understanding rather than memorisation and drills. This is supported by a two-pillared approach of classroom engagement and worksheet reinforcement. In addition, each student is allowed to learn at his or her own pace and skill level.

S.A.M’s Thinking Maths programme adopts the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach which makes abstract Maths concepts more relatable for students. S.A.M’s worksheets breakdown Maths concepts into bite-sized chunks which can be easily understood. Students use the worksheets to practise and reinforce concepts they have learnt in class and at home.

At weekly classroom sessions, S.A.M trainers use a coaching approach to guide students to discover their own solutions to problems through hands-on activities. The number of students per class is deliberately kept to between 5 to 6 per trainer for more personalised attention.

To learn more about Seriously Addictive Mathematics or to register for an assessment session at any of the 12 S.A.M centres in Singapore, click here.

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School of Concepts

School of Concepts - Phonics Enrichment Centre in Singapore
Image: School of Concepts

Amongst the centres providing English Phonics enrichment classes in Singapore, School of Concepts stands out for various reasons.

School of Concepts is founded on the belief that every child, regardless of his or her financial background, should have an equal opportunity to get a head start in literacy.

This belief led to the first locally-developed phonics-based literacy programme for children 18 months and above. Rigorously developed over five years with support from raiSE, the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, School of Concepts’ enrichment programme teaches pre-schoolers to learn how to read, write and spell in English.

The centre’s phonics enrichment classes are suitable for children 18 months old and up.

The youngest children, 18 to 24 months, get to participate in a parent-accompanied Discovery Play Phonics programme. This introduces the alphabet through singing, dance and sensory play. 2 to 3 year olds get exposed to the letters A to Z through activities such as arts and craft, stories and penmanship exercises.

From age 3+, children start to learn how to blend letter sounds – the first steps towards reading and spelling independently. This leads on to intermediate phonics which includes spelling exercises and comprehension techniques to prepare him or her for school.

School of Concepts also offers an Advanced Phonics enrichment class for ages 6+ with vocabulary extension exercises to teach children how to express themselves better.

Find out more about the English phonics enrichment classes offered by School of Concepts or book a trial assessment here.

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MindChamps Singapore is well-known for its pre-school centres, including Chinese language-centric preschools. However, did you know that MindChamps also offers English enrichment classes in Singapore such as the MindChamps Writing Programme for 6 to 10 year olds.

This enrichment programme is designed by Brian Caswell, a multi-award-winning author with over 300 books to his name. It is intended to complement the MOE English curriculum by exposing children to the MindChamps’ Writing Toolbox and developing self-confidence in writing, proof-reading and writing styles.

For children who are in Primary 5, MindChamps also offers a 40-week PSLE programme which runs through to the time they are in Primary 6 and includes Maths enrichment classes in Singapore.

Lorna Whiston

At Lorna Whiston, English enrichment classes at the Singapore primary school level is designed to cover all aspects of the English language. At Primary 1, students are introduced to language activities to lay down a strong foundation for the years ahead. This moves on to developing skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as vocabulary usage and grammar in preparation for the PSLE.

Oodles Learning

Oodles Learning offers primary school level Maths enrichment classes in Singapore. The thinkingMath programme is structured based on the MOE syllabus and focuses on Mathematical word problems. Oodles also offers English enrichment classes in Singapore which cover composition writing, comprehension and grammar.

This feature is brought to you by Eye Level, Seriously Addictive Mathematics and School of Concepts.

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