75 Funny Dragon Jokes To Fire Up Laughter

75 Funny Dragon Jokes To Fire Up Laughter
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Dragon jokes can be a great way to get a round of laughter from kids and adults alike. From fire-breathing puns to scaly humor, funny dragon jokes are great ways to lighten up the mood. 

Before we drag on too long (see what we did there), lets get on down to the fiery heart of the matter and these amazing dragon jokes and puns. 

Absolutely Hilarious Dragon Jokes & Puns 

Absolutely Hilarious Dragon Jokes & Puns

1. Why do dragons like Mexican food?
Because they like the hot peppers.

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2. Where do young dragons go dancing?
Dragon Ball Gen Z.

3. What is the scariest type of fruit?
The dragon fruit.

4. Why do dragons make such good chefs?
Because they know how to make a good roast.

5. Why do dragons sleep during the day?
Because they fight knights!

6. Why did the dragon’s tail get dirty?
Because it was dragon it on the ground.

7. Did you hear about the long bad lizard joke?
I would tell it to you but I don’t want to dragon.

8. Why is it easy to tell how much a dragon weighs?
Because they come with scales.

9. What do you call a dragon that disappears?
A dra-gone.

10. What do you call dragon that appears?
A dra-here.

11. What do you get when you kiss a dragon on Valentine’s Day?
Third degree burns on your lips.

12. What’s a hungry dragon’s favorite day of the week?

13. What do dancing dragons train to compete in?
A talon show.

14. What does a dragon call a bus full of people?
Meals on wheels.

15. How did the knight feel after going for a summer holiday with the dragon?

16. What is a dragons favorite TV show?
Dragons Den.

17. Why don’t dragons play ice hockey?
Because if they breathe fire, the ice melts.

18. What do you call a dragon who is fantastic at singing?

19. What do dragons eat when they need a snack?

20. Why do dragons make good musicians?
Because they really know their scales.

21. What do you do with a green dragon?
Wait for it to ripens.

22. What happens when you cross a snowman with a dragon?

23. What type of stories are dragons most famous for?
Long tales.

24. What did the dragon eat after going to the dentist?
The dentist.

25. What do you call a conversation with a dragon?
A fireside chat.

More Funny Dragon Jokes for Kids & Adults

More Funny Dragon Jokes for Kids & Adults

Here are more legendary jokes about dragons that both kids and adults can enjoy. The funny jokes about the mythical beasts are sure to conjure up some laughter in you.

26. Why did the dragon get a huge round of applause from the audience?
Because he was on fire!

27. Why did the knight befriend the dragon? 
Because it was claw-some.

28. What sound do you hear when dragons eat spicy salsa?
A fire alarm.

29. Did you hear about the dragon who had to make a speech at the wedding?
He decided to wing it.

30. Why did the circus hire the dragon?
Because they wanted to have a fire-eater.

31. Why did the dragon stop fighting knights?
Because he was tired of tinned food.

32. What do dragons say when their eggs hatch?

33. Why did the dragon throw the T-Rex into the air?
Because he wanted to see a dino-soar.

34. What celebration do dragons love the most?
Bon-fire night.

35. What should you do when a dragon sneezes?
Get out of the way.

36. What’s the most stressful thing about being a dragon?
Trying to blow out the candles on your birthday cake.

37. What’s big and scaley and wet?
A dragon in the swimming pool.

38. What happens if you kiss a dragon?
You get burnt lips.

39. Why are dragons such good storytellers?
Because they all have tails.

40. What does a dragon have before bedtime?
A knight cap.

41. What’s the difference between a car and a dragon?
A car only has one horn.

42. What did the dragon order at the restaurant?
Hot wings.

43. Why was the dragon always invited to barbecues?
Because he could fire up the grill.

44. Why do dwarves hunt dragons in the morning?
Because the early beard gets the worm.

45. What happens when you cross a dragon with an insect?
You get a dragonfly.

46. Why do dragons live in tall buildings?
Because they like to tower over people.

47. Why did the snake think it was a dragon?
Because it had made a hiss-take.

48. Where do knights go to learn to kill dragons?
Knight school!

Funniest Dragon Puns & Jokes

Funniest Dragon Puns & Jokes

Dragons may appear as scary, fire breathing creatures but there are plenty of fun, cute ones too. Just think of Toothless in How To Train Your Dragon or Mushu the dragon in the animated feature Mulan. You can appreciate how cute dragons can be, can’t you? Now, let’s appreciate some funny dragon jokes and puns too!  

50. What has four legs, four wings and a tail?
A dragon with spare parts.

51. How many dragons does it take to change a light bulb?
None. They don’t know how to change light bulbs, but they are great at lighting candles.

52. Why do dragons like knights?
Because they come with their own pans.

53. What do you call a deaf dragon? 
Anything you want. It can’t hear you.

54. Why did the female dragon win the beauty contest?
Because she was the beast of the show!

55. Which side of a dragon has the most scales?
The outside.

56. Why didn’t the ice dragon have any friends?
Because it gave people the cold shoulder.

57. What eats more tacos than one dragon?
Two dragons.

58. What time is it when a dragon decides to sit on your chair?
Time to get a new chair.

59. What do you call dragon with no silver?
A dron.

60. Why did the dragon breathe on a map of the earth?
Because he wanted to set the world on fire.

61. What eats more than a dragon?
Two dragons.

62. Why is a dragon safer to keep near TNT than a dinosaur?
Because a dragon would never explode but a dino might.

63. Why did the dragon hoard treasure when it was young?
Because they were its golden years.

64. What sport do dragons end up playing when they try to play ice hockey?
Water polo.

65. What did the dragon say to the employee who kept turning up late for work?
You’re fired.

66. Why did the dragon cross the road?
Because he wanted to eat some chicken.

67. What do dragons do just before big games?
They get fired up.

68. Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Thumping who?
Thumping tells me there’s a dragon on the loose.

69. Why are dragons so wrinkly?
Because they are hard to iron.

70. Why do dragons get promoted so quickly?
Because they are good at scaling the corporate ladder. 

71. What type of fairytale creatures are only scary in your mind?
Imagine Dragons.

72. Why was the dragon always so late?
Because it was always dragon its feet.

73. What is a dragon’s favorite motor sport?
A drag race.

74. Why don’t dragons use cutlery?
Because their tongues are already forked.

75. What is the difference between St George and Rudolph the reindeer?
One slays a dragon and the other is dragging the sleigh.

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