Care For My World Musical Show with The Clancys Premieres in December

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“Think, Act and Care.”

This is the message that Brendon and Cathie Clancy hope audiences will bring home from the new children’s musical show, Care For My World.

Premiering in Singapore on 7 December 2013 at the Shine Auditorium, Shaw Tower, Care For My World is an original children’s musical experience which promises high energy fun, catchy songs and groovy moves both children and parents can bounce along to.

Care for My World – More Than a Show

More than just a fun day out for children, Care For My World will convey the important message of caring for the environment and the difference each person can make. This will be presented in an accessible way through music, games and activities children can relate to and participate in.

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Joining The Clancys on stage during Care For My World Musical will be Pio Pio. This green-coloured mascot is named after a now-extinct New Zealand bird, underscoring the importance of acting to protect the environment.

Little Day Out met with The Clancys to get to know them better and to find out more about the upcoming Care For My World show.

The Clancys

Who are The Clancys?

Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Brendon and Cathie Clancy are no strangers to Singapore. The married couple has been to Singapore more than 60 times and toured extensively throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

With backgrounds in education and performance, their passion is clearly in connecting with children through music and song. They have recorded 16 albums since 1981 and have over 200 songs to their name. In fact, numerous times throughout the interview, they effortlessly break out in song together, complete with perfect harmonies.
Elvis“A song can move you to act; a good song can stay with you forever,” says Cathie who was a former vocal coach. Brendon, described by Cathie as a “wordsmith”, wrote the original songs that will be performed at the Care For My World Show. Expect bubbly songs, such as “Hug A Tree”, which are not only addictively hummable but convey the importance of protecting the planet as well.

In addition to playing the keyboards and guitar during the show, Brendon will also be taking on several comedic personas. Audiences will meet his alter-ego, Henry, an eight-year-old boy during the course of the show, and perhaps may even get a sighting of Elvis as well!

“The show is built around entertaining, but educating, children alongside their families so that they can discover together how they can make a difference in the home and beyond,” says Cathie.

Passion for Entertaining and Communicating with Children

So where did this love for engaging and entertaining children come from?

“Working with children keeps me young,” says Brendon cheekily. However, for Brendon and Cathie, who are grandparents, the reason is clearly more than just the quest for the elixir of youth.

Both of them have both been working with children for more than 30 years.
QuoteElaborating on her passion for communicating with children, Cathie says, “The more we are with them, the more we see the seed of potential in each one as an individual. Even though we see children in masses, every one is an individual celebrated life and that is what we want to let them know.”

Perhaps it is because of this sincerity that children seem to respond to The Clancys.

In October, The Clancys gave a special preview of Care For My World to 200 children at the Hope Community Kindergarten (Choa Chu Kang) and it was so well-received that children came up to them after the show to give them hugs.

If that is anything to go by, it looks like the Care for My World Musical Show is set to be a fun and entertaining time for the entire family to laugh, play and learn together how to “Think, Act and Care”.

The Care For My World Musical Show is a collaboration between The Clancys and Sustainable Green Solutions, a Singapore company whose objective is to teach the importance of safeguarding resources for future generations and creating a better living for individuals and communities.

10% of the profit from the Care For My World Show will go directly to the Singapore Children’s Society to support the children in need. 

Visit the Care For My World website for more information.  



Care For My World
 December 7, 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 3 pm
Venue: SHINE Auditorium at Shaw Tower, 100 Beach Rd #03-01, Singapore 189702
Duration: 60 minutes (Including meet and greet session)
Suitable For: 3-14 years old and families of all ages
Price: S$45 (Cat A), S$38 (Cat B), S$28 (Cat C), S$19 (Cat D)

  • Ticket price excludes booking fee

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