An Intergalactic Odyssey At ArtScience Museum: Chill Out On A Voyage Through Space

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If you have ever imagined what it’d be like to go on a voyage through space? Now, you can do so at An Intergalactic Odyssey at ArtScience Museum.

From now till 16 February 2020, the intimate Inspiration Gallery on Level 4 of the Museum has transformed into a futuristic space den.

Space Travel, Imagined

Space Travel, ImaginedWelcoming intergalactic travellers who step into the Gallery is an archway of lights. These beckoned us to venture deeper into An Intergalactic Odyssey.

Space TravelAcross the entire wall of the gallery, a multi-media projection played. This sent us hurtling through intersteller space and was interspersed with images of spaceship controls.

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Ball pond spaceship at An Intergalactic Odyssey, ArtScience MuseumSo where was the spaceship? It was in the centre of the room, disguised in the form of a ball pond and filled to the brim with white balls. Both kids and adults can take off their shoes and climb in to enjoy the intergalactic travel experience.

Plants aboveMysterious planets hanged above, floating in the cosmos.

MeteorsAt one end of the Gallery, two meteors were suspended against a field of stars.

Space FactsFacts about space can be found along the wall, but, personally, we were more interested in sinking into the ball pond and simply enjoy the atmospheric “flight” through space.

An Intergalactic OdysseyAn Intergalactic Odyssey is presented by ArtScience Museum, co-presented by BlackMongrels and in collaboration with Superpixel and Scenestealer.

An Intergalactic Odyssey is presented by ArtScience MuseumIt is a ticketed event and admission is $7 per person. Tickets can be purchased at the ticketing counters or at a machine outside the door on Level 4 of ArtScience Museum.

An Intergalactic Odyssey

When: 8 Jan to 16 Feb 2020, 10 am to 7 pm

Where: Inspiration Gallery, Level 4, ArtScience Museum


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