Alysa’s Day Out at Hong Kong Ocean Park

Alysa’s Day Out at Hong Kong Ocean Park
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Hello! My name is Alysa and I am eight years old. The September school holidays was really exciting because Mommy and Daddy took me on my first trip to Hong Kong. One of the places I had the most fun at was Ocean Park. It is a theme park, zoo and aquarium – all in one place – and half of it is built on a top of a mountain!

Travelling Made Easy with Klook

On the day we went to Hong Kong Ocean Park, Daddy was using the GPS on his phone to find the way from our hotel to the nearby train station. Mommy wondered why Daddy needed to do that even though we walked the same way to the station every day. She thinks he just has a bad sense of direction.

Macaroon WiFi device rented through KlookTo stay connected, Daddy used a portable WiFi disc called the Macaroon that he got from Klook. He said it was handy and that all of us could connect our phones to it at the same time. Mommy seemed to approve of the WiFi as it allowed her to check her Facebook.

The trains in Hong Kong are just like our MRT trains. However, in Hong Kong, they switched the letters around and call it the MTR. And they call their EZ-Link cards by a funny name too: Octopus!

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You can get these from Klook too, and use it to pay for the MTR, bus fare and lots of other stuff.

Arriving at Hong Kong Ocean Park

Arriving at Hong Kong Ocean ParkWhen we reached the Ocean Park entrance, we didn’t need to queue because Daddy had already bought our tickets from Klook. He had also added a meal voucher and said it was cheaper and more convenient.

Thankfully, on the day of our visit, Ocean Park wasn’t crowded because it was after the China school holidays and a weekday, but the sun was quite hot.

Ocean Park mascot WhiskersOnce inside, we were greeted by the Ocean Park mascot Whiskers. I was more attracted to the big gift shop with lots and lots of cute and adorable soft toys! Daddy said I could only buy them when we were leaving because he didn’t want to carry them around all day.

Walking The Waterfront

Grand AquariumWe started exploring The Waterfront area at the foot of the mountain. The first place we went into was the Grand Aquarium. It was filled with beautiful coral, colourful fish, seahorses and sea jellies.

We saw a gigantic stingray and it made Daddy wonder how it would taste barbequed! Daddy did say that I was in Hong Kong for the theme parks, Mommy for the shopping and Daddy for the food.

Japanese Spider Crabs at Ocean Park Hong KongWe saw Japanese Spider Crabs which are the biggest species of crab in the world. Daddy made a joke about chilli crab which caused Mommy to roll her eyes and sigh.

Ocean Park's Panda VillageNext, we went to Ocean Park’s Panda Village looking for an encounter with the Giant Pandas and Red Pandas. Unfortunately, they were all fast asleep. Daddy said the air-con in the enclosure felt so good compared to the hot sun outside that he felt like taking a nap too.

Goldfish TreasuresAt Goldfish Treasures, I found out that there are over 300 types of goldfish. Wow, I didn’t know there were so many! My favourite goldfish had puffy cheeks and looked so cute!

Fun at Whiskers Harbour – Ocean Park with Kids

Kiddie Rides, Ocean Park Hong KongWhiskers Harbour is where all the kiddie rides are located in Ocean Park.

Whiskers Harbour - Ocean Park with KidsMommy rode on the mini Ferris Wheel with me and I made Daddy go on the Frog Hopper with me because I found it a bit scary.

Frog Hopper, Ocean ParkHe didn’t want to at first, but it looks like he had fun in the end!

Up to the Summit at Hong Kong Ocean Park

After lunch, we took the Ocean Express monorail up to The Summit where the other half of Ocean Park is. You can also take a cable car to the top of the mountain, but too bad it was closed that day.

Mine Train at Adventure Land, Ocean Park Hong KongThere are many different rides at The Summit. One that looked quite thrilling is called Mine Train at Adventure Land and it is the first Virtual Reality coaster in Hong Kong.

I was too short to go on most of the rides. But that’s okay because I was too scared to go on all those roller coasters anyway. We did go on the Raging River ride, and got all wet! While waiting for our clothes to dry a bit, we enjoyed the beautiful views of the sea and mountains.

Funfair games at Ocean ParkThe Summit has funfair games too! Daddy tried to play some games but kept missing and didn’t win anything. Mommy told him to stop wasting money and buy the soft toys from the gift shop instead.

Dolphins and More Animals

Marine World Ocean TheatreAt the Marine World Ocean Theatre, we watched the cute and clever dolphins perform a show with their trainers. They made everyone watching so happy by jumping in and out of the water, and spinning in the air. They also know how to save drowning swimmers by pushing them to the shore and how to wave goodbye with their tails.

Polar AdventureAt Polar Adventure, another place at The Summit in Ocean Park with animals, it was feeding time for the penguins! Brrr! It was very cold in there.

Ocean Park's fountainsWe ended the day back at The Waterfront, watching fountains dance to coloured lights.

Best of all, before we left, Daddy got me my soft toys as promised, yay!

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