5 Tips For Visiting The Dinosaurs At Changi Jurassic Mile, Plus An Activity Sheet

5 Tips For Visiting The Dinosaurs At Changi Jurassic Mile, Plus An Activity Sheet
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Changi Jurassic Mile, the stretch of park connector with more than 20 dinosaur statues, has been attracting throngs of people. For those who are planning to view the dinosaurs, we have put together a couple of tips to know before visiting.

Here are five tips for those thinking of paying a visit to Changi Jurassic Mile and its dinosaurs.

Tips for Visiting Jurassic Mile

1. How to Get to the Dinosaurs at Jurassic Mile & Weekend Bookings

The Jurassic Mile is part of the Changi Airport Connector which has its starting point at HUB & SPOKE at the southern end of Terminal 2. However, it is located 2.2 km away from HUB & SPOKE so if you only want to view the dinosaurs, the closest terminal is actually Terminal 4.

How to Get to the Dinosaurs at Jurassic Mile

For those who are driving, park at Changi Airport Car Park 4A. The start of Jurassic Mile is just beside the car park. It is marked out by a pterodactyl perched on a pedestal, guarding a nest of eggs.

Jurassic Mile is free to enter. However, take note that on Fridays to Sunday, from 9.00 am to 12.00 am, visitors must make a booking before allowed entry into Jurassic Mile. Book your slot here.

2. Narrow, Shared Path

Tips for Visiting Jurassic Mile

Changi Jurassic Mile is built on a sliver of land between the Changi Airport airfield and the Tanah Merah Country Club golf course. The dinosaurs sit at the edge of the golf course. Both sides of Changi Jurassic Mile are flanked by fences. The width of the path is around three to four metres. It is a shared pathway for both pedestrians and cyclists.


So, do be careful and considerate when visiting the dinosaurs at Changi Airport. Keep to the left and keep a look out for oncoming two-wheeled and foot traffic.

3. How Long It Takes to Visit Jurassic Mile

Changi Jurassic Mile

The entire stretch of Jurassic Mile is around 1 km long. Both ends are marked out by pterodactyl statues.

From Terminal 4, once you reach the far end of Jurassic Mile which leads out to Tanah Merah Coast Road, you can either turn around or carry on towards East Coast Park.

A round trip walking along Jurassic Mile, starting and ending at Terminal 4, would take around 40 minutes to an hour.

4. Photo Spots

Photo Spots

Of course, you can’t visit Jurassic Mile without taking pictures. Although the path is very narrow, there are still marked out photo spots. Do be considerate and avoid hogging them so that others can also enjoy a picture with the dinosaurs too.

Baby T-Rex

The dinosaurs are mostly behind the fence. However, there is a photo spot with a baby T-rex popping out of an egg. It is about mid-way through the connector. [We’ve seen reports that the baby dino may have been damaged. It may be temporarily unavailable. Please treat the dinos with care! They’ve already gone extinct once!]

Look out for signboards along the way too with information about the dinosaurs and Changi Airport too.

5. Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit

Weather-wise, early morning or late afternoon is best. However, as with everything new, Jurassic Mile is attracting throngs of visitors at the moment.

Do remember that bookings to visit Jurassic Mile are required from Friday to Sunday. Book your slot here.

The least crowded time would be on a weekday at around noon time. This is obviously because most people would not want to brave the noontime heat. Alternatively, try very early in the morning, such as 7 am.

Or perhaps, you can wait a few weeks for the hype to die down a bit before planning a visit to Jurassic Mile.

Downloadable Jurassic Mile Activity Sheet

If you wish to do more than just looking and take pictures while visiting the dinosaurs, we have a free downloadable activity sheet that you can bring along for your Little Day Out to Jurassic Mile.

Along the walkway, you will find informative panels about the dinosaurs on display. In addition, there are little titbits of information about the jobs found at Changi Airport and the possible jobs that the dinosaurs could be performing if they were around today.

To complete our Little Day Out Jurassic Mile activity sheet, read up about the dinosaurs at the information panels at Jurassic Mile and match them with the jobs around Changi Airport that they could do – assuming dinosaurs had jobs, of course!

Get the Little Day Out Jurassic Mile activity sheet.

Downloadable Jurassic Mile Activity Sheet

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