5 Mother’s Day Gifts That Mums Are Sure To Appreciate

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Mums are often our unsung heroes – they are our greatest cheerleaders, teachers, disciplinarians and confidantes all rolled into one. They are also one of the hardest people to get gifts for, often claiming that they have everything and want nothing. However, the best things in life are free and we’ve compiled a list of meaningful Mother’s Day ideas you can give to mum and make her feel loved without breaking the bank.

Mother’s Day Gifts

Give her a call

Give her a call for Mother's DayFor grown-ups who have left the nest (and may even have become parents themselves), giving mum a call is the simplest yet one of the most meaningful ways to connect. Mums will always be worried about their children simply because they love them. Call your mum and tell her you love her too and show your concern for her. Don’t just ask about updates, ask about her too – what she is doing and how she is feeling. Call her every day, not only for the obligatory Mother’s Day call, because she’s not just your mother, she’s a person too.


Sleep inMotherhood is a physically, emotionally and mentally draining responsibility, especially for mothers who need to juggle the demands of parenting and their career. As a result, sleep is often a luxury for most mums. Give mum a break by offering to help do the chores, run errands or take the kids out for the day. Allow her to sleep in, rest, recharge and have some much-needed me-time before she returns to her role as a full-time superwoman.

Mother’s Day Coupons

Mother’s Day CouponsLet your creative juices flow and design your own coupons for mum that she can redeem whenever needed (with no expiration date). These can include free hugs, various chores or a free car wash that mum can use whenever she wants. Receiving sweet, personalised coupons will definitely bring a smile to mum’s face and make her feel special. An extra plus point: they are super simple to make yet have a significant impact.

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A handwritten thank-you card (with hugs and kisses)

A hand-written thank-you card (with hugs and kisses)In this day and age where everything is digitalised, taking the time to write a heartfelt card for mum will really make her feel appreciated and loved. Even a simple, handwritten card carries with it authenticity and priceless value that store-bought greeting cards (albeit with flowery and poetic language) can never match up to.

Photo or video collage

Photo or video collageGet creative and compile photos – both old and new – that capture meaningful memories that you and mum have shared together. Mums love to look back at pictures from their children’s early childhood (or even hers!) and probably remember each moment vividly. Taking a fond trip down memory lane will surely make mum laugh, cry and smile at the many wonderful and utterly unforgettable moments from the not-too-distant or even distant past. For the more artistically-inclined, make a scrapbook out of the meaningful photographs and mementoes collected throughout the years.

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So go, make your mum feel loved this Mother’s Day. She’s the only mum you’ve got.

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