Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

Places to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 in Singapore

Want to get out and experience the Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 in Singapore? From savoring mooncakes to sipping tea under the stars, there are plenty...

Big Splash: Soak in the Vibe

Before there was Wild Wild Wet and Adventure Cove, there was Big Splash. Big Splash Back In the Day When it opened back in 1977, Big...
Universal Studios Canopy Flyer

Universal Studios Singapore for Toddlers

Is it worth the money to buy tickets to Universal Studios Singapore when your child is only a toddler? You wonder. Here’s what we realised:...
I Theatre's Little Star

Little Star Review: Imagination Shines Through

Little Day Out’s Little Star Review – New Family-Friendly Show from I Theatre. We often sing the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” without giving...
Imagining SG100, Batteries Not Required

MINT Museum of Toys: Imagining SG100, Batteries Not Required

Till 31 August 2016, MINT Museum of Toys is encouraging visitors to imagine and create the toys of the future. Under the museum’s ‘Imagining SG100,...

Pretend-play Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore

Role-playing teaches kids how the world works. Pretend play expands the imagination. And when kids take on roles and play together, they get to...

Singapore Night Festival 2016 – Family-friendly Sights

The Singapore Night Festival 2016 returns for two weekends with a showcase of light installations, immersive activities and street performances that will make it...


Three Little Pigs SRT

The Three Little Pigs

Embark on an adventure with the three little pigs as they battle the big bad wolf with their charming and witty ways!
The Magic Paintbrush

The Magic Paintbrush

I Theatre presents a new production of The Magic Paintbrush, a play that's truly pure gold for the whole family!
Little Star

Little Star

A highly visual and interactive production for 2-6 year olds, this explores the wonders of the universe and the joy of re-discovering home and family.

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