Yung Loh Road Airplane Playground: Jet Powered In Jurong

Yung Loh Road Airplane Playground: Jet Powered In Jurong
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Sitting at the end of Jurong’s Yung Ho Road, in front of Block 158 Yung Loh Road, is a unique silver jet airplane playground. It offers kids a chance to let their imaginations take over as they climb about the metal-framed playground.

Jet Plane Hanger

Yung Loh Road Airplane Playground

The quiet, unassuming circular park at Yung Loh Road seems to an unlikely place to find a jet plane playground. Made out of a silvery steel frame and climbing ropes which have somewhat faded after being exposed to the weather, it reminds us of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet.

So, perhaps, hiding it IS out at the Jurong neighbourhood estate.

Airplane Playground in Jurong

Whether or not kids nowadays even know about the Invisible Jet, they would know how to have fun at the Yung Loh Road Airplane Playground.

Airplane Playground in Jurong

The fuselage of the airplane playground is made up of climbing nets. They can make their way through the body of the plane by stepping along the net, working their way from front to back.

Jet Engines at the Plane Playground in Jurong

Slung under the wings are the housings of two jet engines. Kids can climb inside these plastic circular pieces – something which would not be recommended it this were a real jet plane.

Cockpit of the Yung Loh Plane Playground in Singapore

Right upfront is the plane’s cockpit. There are seats for both the pilot and co-pilot to “fly” the plane. Climb in and prepare for take-off!

The Yung Loh Road Airplane Playground in Jurong provides a chance for kids to have their fun and live out their aviation dreams.

Play in the Neighbourhood

Play in the Jurong Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood park also has a set of swings and fitness equipment.

It is located not too far away from Taman Jurong Park which also has a fun and impressive playground, along with fitness facilities.

Yung Loh Road Airplane Playground

Yung Loh Road Airplane Playground

The Yung Loh Jet Playground can be found in front of Block 158, Yung Loh Road.

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