Vista Park: Playground In The Cards

Vista Park: Playground In The Cards
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A few weeks back, we featured the Wonderland playground at Dawson Vista. However, before that Alice in Wonderland-themed playground, there was another – Vista Park.

OG Alice in Wonderland Park

OG Alice in Wonderland Park

Located in Woodlands, Vista Park was the original Alice in Wonderland playground in Singapore. The entire park adopted the Lewis Carrol classic as its theme.

Different sections of the neighbourhood park were named after the Wonderland book and the main playground was a giant teapot that the Mad Hatter would have been proud of. These were the creations of Hong Hai Arts and can be viewed here.

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However, over the years, Vista Park has undergone several changes. It was most recently revamped in February 2020.

In Search of Wonderland

Today, few vestiges of its Alice in Wonderland pedigree remain. For example, previously there were what looked like playing cards arched over on the ground. These were no longer around when we visited recently.

Toadstool Shelters

However, there are still shelters which are designed to look like toadstools with caterpillar seats underneath.

Alice in Wonderland Signs at Vista Park

Signboards mark out areas as Down the Rabbit Hole and Drink Me.

Visit the Cheshire Cat

A smiling Cheshire Cat still stands at the end of a stone path in the middle of a field.

Vista Park Playground

Vista Park Playing Cards Playground

Surrounded by a wall that looks like a deck of playing cards, the Vista Park playground is quite fun.

Vista Park Playground

It is a playground built on a slope. There are wavy, yellow climbing nets for children to play on.

Family slide

Here, you will also find a family slide, similar to the one that can be found at Admiralty Park.

Unusual red and blue climbing frame - Vista Park

Next to the playing card wall, there is an unusual, two-tiered, red-and-blue climbing frame.

Besides this playground, there are other play spots at Vista Park.

Vista Park Playground

Another Vista Park playground consists an orange-and-red play frame.

Swings at Vista Park

A set of swings can be found nearby as well.

Playground for kids

There is a playground for younger children …

Obstacles at Vista Park

… and one where kids can put their obstacle-crossing skills to the test.

HDB Playground near Vista Park

If kids get bored, there is another playground not far away at Block 580.

Vista Park might no longer be an Alice in Wonderland park but it still offers a wonderland of play for kids.

Vista Park is located in front of Blocks 581, 582 and 583 Woodlands Drive 16, next to Woodgrove Secondary School.


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