Useful Things To Know And Tips For Visiting HMS Belfast

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HMS Belfast is a former warship that has been turned into a floating museum. Docked along the Thames, close to Tower Bridge and opposite the Tower of London, it is a unique attraction that provides an opportunity to explore a decommissioned vessel and learn about life on a Royal Navy ship. Here are some useful things to know and our top tips for visiting HMS Belfast.

Tips for Visiting HMS Belfast

Where to get your tickets to HMS Belfast

Tickets to HMS Belfast can be purchased at the dock where the gangway starts. Tickets can also be purchase online from the HMS Belfast website.

There is a café on shore

There is a café located at the ticketing counter area. This makes it a convenient spot for those in a group who may not want to go onboard the ship to wait for the rest of the party to return. The café also has a public restroom.

Take note of the last admission timing

HMS Belfast is open from 10 am to 6 pm every day, except 24, 25 and 26 December. However, take note that the last admission for HMS Belfast is at 5 pm. Arrive early to avoid disappointment.

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Pick up an Audio Guide

Once you step onboard the HMS Belfast, you will be able to pick up an audio guide. Punch in the numbers displayed at various stations around the HMS Belfast to listen to commentary.

Go for the Gun Turret Experience

Gun Turret ExperienceA tip for visiting the HMS Belfast is to catch the Gun Turret Experience. This is an audio-visual presentation found at the quarterdeck, close to where you will board the ship. It simulates the experience of being inside of the ship’s gun turrets while it is being fired.

Don’t bring prams and little ones

Inside HMS BelfastThere is a lot of ladder-climbing on board the HMS Belfast. This makes it unsuitable for young toddlers and babies. Plus a lot of the passageways are narrow too.

Wear shoes and pants

As mentioned above, expect to do a lot of climbing. In this case, our tip for visiting the HMS Belfast is that it is best to wear comfortable shoes (not heels) and for the ladies to wear pants or jeans.

Take a photo on the Captain’s chair

Take a photo on the Captain’s chairAs you make your way around the nine levels of the HMS Belfast, you will arrive at the bridge. Be sure to take a picture while sitting on the Captain’s chair.

Take a photo from the ship’s bow

View from the bow of HMS BelfastAnother good photo spot on the HMS Belfast is at the bow. This vantage point offers a chance for a nice shot of the ship.

Brig on HMS BelfastYet another photo spot is at the ship’s brig or jail cell. This one is hidden under the ship’s deck. See if you can find it.

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