Total Defence Exhibition 2020 “Will You Do You?”: An Escape Room Challenge At Singapore Discovery Centre

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Take on an escape room challenge and help save the future at “Will You Do You?”, Singapore Discovery Centre’s Total Defence Exhibition 2020.

The phrase “You Do You” is millennial slang for doing what one thinks is right. The Total Defence Exhibition 2020 plays on this saying by challenging visitors to consider what actions they can take to ensure a brighter future for Singapore.

Held in commemoration of Total Defence Day 2020, the highly-interactive exhibition casts the spotlight on current issues in an escape room format.

Dystopia Station

Dystopia Station - Will You Do YouThe year is 2032. Singapore has fallen into a state of dystopia.

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Last Vanda Miss JoaquimAll around are the shuttered banks and the remains of the last Vanda Miss Joaquim specimen.

But not all hope is lost.

Escape to the Future

Main Game Room - Singapore Discovery Centre Total Defence Exhibition 2020Step into the main game area and help solve three challenges; escape from the dystopic future and chart a new way forward.

The exhibition play area is divided into three zones that tackle separate issues – Digital Threats, Climate Change and Trade Wars. Visitors must sleuth out clues at each zone in order to receive alphabets which then be unscrambled to get a secret code to escape the room.

Digital ThreatsThe Digital Threats zone explores cyberthreats such as phishing and false information.

Infinity RoomUncover secrets hidden amongst the exhibits before punching in the code at an infinity room that looks straight out of the Matrix.

06 total defence 2020 will you do you 2The issue of Climate Change is represented by a tree which looks as if it popped out of Minecraft. Solve a riddle in order to get a code.

Decision Tree RoomFor small, open economies such as Singapore, Trade Wars are a pertinent threat. Step inside a “flow chart room” to decipher a riddle and untangle another set of clues.

Once all the clues have been discovered, unravel them to get the secret code to open the exit door and escape!

Will You Do You?

The Total Defence Exhibition 2020 at Singapore Discovery Centre focuses on three of the six Total Defence pillars – Economic Defence, Psychological Defence and Digital Defence, which was introduced just last year.

With the escape room format, it provides a fun and interactive way for visitors to learn the importance of Total Defence and the role that every Singaporean has to play.

[Editor’s note: Singapore Discovery Centre and the Total Defence Exhibition will be open throughout the Chinese New Year 2020 long weekend.]

Total Defence Exhibition 2020 “Will You Do You?”

When: 21 January to 22 March 2020

Where: Singapore Discovery Centre

Admission is free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

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