10 Tips For Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland: Getting The Most From Your Day In The Magical Kingdom

Tips for Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland
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Any visit to Hong Kong with the family would most definitely include a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland. The Hong Kong Disneyland theme park is opened in 2005 and has been welcoming excited kids and providing family fun ever since. Here are some tips for visiting Hong Kong Disneyland to help you get the most from your visit to the Magical Kingdom.

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Tips for Visiting Top Hong Kong Disneyland

Purchase Your Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets Online

Entrance Gates to Hong Kong Disneyland Park
Photo credit: niallkennedy on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC

In this day and age, there is no reason not to purchase your tickets online. Save time that would otherwise be spent queuing at the gates and purchase your Hong Kong Disneyland Park tickets online. Ticket options include both one- and two-day tickets. Once purchased, simply print it out from the comfort of home, head past the lines of people queuing at the ticketing booths and go directly to the gates to enter the park.

Buy Meal Vouchers Online to Enjoy Savings

In addition to purchasing Hong Kong Disneyland admission tickets online, you can purchase Meal Vouchers for use within the park at the same time. These vouchers can be used for various combo meals at the dining outlets inside the park. They usually come with a little bit of savings too.

Prepare for a Bit of a Walk To the Gates

Walk from the train station to Hong Kong Disneyland Gates
Photo credit: Sue Waters on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-SA

Those making their way to Hong Kong Disneyland Park, whether by rail, car, taxi or bus, will arrive at the Disneyland Resort Public Transport Interchange. From here, it is a relatively long walk into the gates. The walk definitely builds up the excitement and anticipation as you make your way to the park. It can be useful to push little ones in strollers or perhaps be prepared to carry them along. On the flipside, if you are walking out after a long day at the park, be prepared for little ones to be tired too.

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Strollers For Hire

Once inside Hong Kong Disneyland Park, if you forgot to bring your stroller and wish to hire one for use inside the park, the stroller rental area is at the Disneyland Fire Department which can be found towards the left of the park’s entrance. It is next to City Hall on Main Street, U.S.A. Wheelchairs are also available for rent. Within Hong Kong Disneyland, strollers need to be parked at designated areas at the attractions.

Hong Kong Disneyland’s FASTPASS System

Those who don’t like waiting (who does) may wish to take note of Hong Kong Disneyland’s FASTPASS System. The FASTPASSes at Hong Kong Disneyland are only available selected attractions which normally have a propensity for long lines. The three attractions at Hong Kong Disneyland theme park with FASTPASSes are Hyperspace Mountain, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Iron Man Experience – Presented by AIA.

To get hold of a FASTPASS, head over to the FASTPASS machine, check the return time stated on the sign above it and if you are okay with the return time, scan your admission ticket to get a FASTPASS ticket. Return at the time stated on the FASTPASS ticket and you can enter the FASTPASS return entrance and skip the standby queue. There is no additional charge for the FASTPASS tickets.

The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Hong Kong Disneyland Park
Photo credit: Roller Coaster Philosophy on Visual hunt / CC BY

One strategy that many people have is to head over to The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh immediately after entering the park to pick up the FASTPASS ticket (go straight through Sleeping Beauty’s castle and to the right), go for other rides and then return at the FASTPASS return time to take the ride.

Fast Action Rides

For older kids or those seeking adrenaline-fuelled rides at Hong Kong Disneyland, the major thrill rides are Hyperspace Mountain at Tomorrowland and Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars at Grizzly Gulch. The minimum height for Hyperspace Mountain is 102 cm while visitors much be at least 112 cm to ride on Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. The two rides are at opposite ends of Hong Kong Disneyland theme park.

Another action ride can be found at Toy Story Land. The RC Racer is Hong Kong Disneyland’s take on the classic Viking amusement ride with a big drop. Visitors must be at least 120 cm to ride.

Don’t Miss Easy-to-Miss Attractions

It is easy to get distracted by the rides and lands around Hong Kong Disneyland. This also means that you might walk past some attractions around the theme park while rushing to the next ride.

If you want to get the full Hong Kong Disneyland experience, there are some attractions that you should be sure not to miss.

Mickey and the Wondrous Book is a live show that is located next to the right of A Small, Small World. You have to make your way down a path to reach the theatre.

Fairy Tale Forest – presented by PANDORA is a little walk-through area at Fantasyland where you can view various fairy tale scenes. It presents plenty of photo-taking opportunities for the family.

Garden of Wonders at the Mystic Point area is where you can view various optical illusions set right into a garden.

The Jungle River Cruise is one of Adventureland’s main attractions. However, don’t miss out on exploring Tarzan’s Treehouse on the island in the middle of the Adventureland lake. Board a raft from the river bank and make your way across the waters to reach the treehouse attraction.

Take the Railway

Disneyland Railway - Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park
Photo credit: Marc van der Chijs on Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

If you need to have a change of pace from the various rides or simply want an overview of Hong Kong Disneyland, one tip is to take a ride on the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad. This intra-park railway only has two stations – one at the entrance and the other at Fantasyland.

Dining at Hong Kong Disneyland

There are plenty of dining outlets within Hong Kong Disneyland theme park. Most of these offer counter service where you have to line up to purchase your food. Of the various dining outlets, our favourite is the Royal Banquet Hall at Fantasyland – just for its medieval ambience.

If you are looking for sit-down table service, you can head to the Main Street Corner Café Hosted by Coca-Cola and the Plaza Inn. Both of these are located along Main Street, U.S.A. Both of these are usually open till late.

Plan to Stay Until After Dark

Fireworks at Hong Kong DisneylandThe best way to end off your experience at Hong Kong Disneyland park is to stay for the fireworks display in the evening. Taking place over Sleeping Beauty’s castle, the fireworks display lights up the night’s sky with glittering colours to cap off a visit.

Hyperspace Mountain
Photo credit: Roller Coaster Philosophy on Visual hunt / CC BY

You may also wish to take note that many of the park’s rides keep running until the evening. For example, you can sit on attractions such as Hyperspace Mountain Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Mad Hatter Tea Cups and the Cinderella Carousel till late. Even The Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh opens till late.

Do check the Hong Kong Disneyland website for the latest closing timings for the rides and attractions. Click here to book your tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland now.

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