The Great Christmas Village 2019: Rides & Games At 3 Locations Along Orchard Road

The Great Christmas Village 2019: Rides & Games At 3 Locations Along Orchard Road
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Organised as part of Christmas on a Great Street, the Great Christmas Village 2020 features themed rides, pop-up dining concepts and performances every evening from 22 November all the way to 26 December 2019.

It is spread out across the Shaw House Urban Plaza, *SCAPE and the Grange Road Open Car Park.

Shaw House Urban Plaza

Two-storey carousel - The Great Christmas Village 2019This highlight at the first Great Christmas Village location at Shaw House is a two-storey carousel.

05 the great christmas villageThere are also other kid-friendly rides such as a VR booth, snow cars for kids and a clown swing.

Food stallsA couple of pop-up food stalls are also located here.


The outdoor event space at *SCAPE is hosting a mini-carnival with rides for children.

Rides at *SCAPE The Great Christmas Village 2019The classic London Train ride is also present and chugging about. Or try the spinning carousel. At the red-and-white suspended swing, kids can sit back in a suspended chair and hang on as it spins round and round.

When the hunger pangs hit, grab a bite from the food vendors at this Great Christmas Village location.

*SCAPE is also the venue for nightly musical performances.*SCAPE is also the venue for nightly musical performances. Catch acts such as The Souls and Jordan Wei Trio bringing music to the stage every evening.

Grange Road Car Park

The open-air Grange Road Car Park is the third and biggest location of Orchard Road’s Great Christmas Village. We would dub this as the main venue for the Christmas Village. The rides here cater to older kids.

NERF Nation Race TrackAt the Mini Toy Box tent, kiddies can hop onboard a ride at the NERF Nation Race Track …

Helter Skelter Inflatable… or bounce away at an inflatable that looks like a helter skelter.

Stand Up SpinnerThere is a fun house and stand-up spinner located here too – so adults can get in on the action too!

Bumper cars at The Great Christmas Village 2019Most importantly, the Grange Road Open Air Car Park is where the bumper cars are!

Singapore Kindness Movement’s Kindness BoothAnd Singapore Kindness Movement’s Kindness Booth.

14 the great christmas villageFeeling lucky? Play some carnival games at different stalls.

Credits for The Great Christmas Village 2019

Credits for The Great Christmas Village 2019To enjoy the rides and games, you need to purchase credits either online or at ticketing counters at the Great Christmas Villages at *SCAPE, Grange Road Car Park and Shaw House Urban Plaza.