The Future Is Today: Whispers, Intergalactic Dreams And Collapse! At National Museum Of Singapore

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The Future is Today: Climate Change and the Power of Nature is a new exhibition at National Museum of Singapore, running from 8 August to 8 September 2019.

Comprising of three installations set up around National Museum of Singapore, the exhibition draws attention to issues of sustainability and environmental change.

Whispers – The Power of the Wind


The most visually stunning work at The Future is Today is Whispers by Light Society from Canada. Found at the Gallery Theatre at the National Museum of Singapore’s Basement, it is a dramatic installation that will draw you in.

The 12-minute show makes the power of wind visible through light, music and simple plastic sheets. Moving air gets transformed into an almost-living creature while you feel that you can connect with it.

During the performance, it is at once both alluring and frightening; it goes effortlessly from a quiet whisper to a powerful bellow.

The soundtrack of the performance underscores the beauty and power of the Mother Nature, personified through the wind.

Whispers is an installation that should be experienced.

Show times are every half-an-hour between 10 am and 6.30 pm. Take note that it may not be suitable for pregnant women or very young children.

Intergalactic Dreams – What Happens When the Earth Can No Longer Sustain Life?

The other two installations that make up The Future is Today: Climate Change and the Power of Nature are much less dramatic than Whispers.

Intergalactic Dreams by Singaporean artist Jahan Loh is an imagining of a future when the Earth is no longer inhabitable.

The installation comprises multiple parts.

Intergalactic DreamsView a rocket ship-like structure suspended in the air at the Rotunda. With flashing light patterns, it looks like a pod escaping to a distant planet.

Intergalactic Dreams - What Happens When the Earth Can No Longer Sustain Life? - The Future is Today

Outside the Salon room, a large screen animation shows the intrepid pilot journeying to a new land.

Collapse! – An Ice-berg Adventure

The Collapse! sound box at Gallery 10.

Collapse! by internationally-acclaimed French filmmaker Luc Jacquet is an aural experience found at National Museum of Singapore’s Gallery 10.

Inside the Collapse! sound box at Gallery 10.
What is it like inside the Collapse! sound box.

Step inside a pitch-black box to heighten your sense of hearing. Through sound, be transported to the edge of a collapsing ice glacier in Antarctica and come “ear-to-ear” with the effects of global warming.

The Future IS Today!

The Future is Today: Climate Change and the Power of Nature at National Museum of Singapore is an opportunity to reflect about the world around us and to think about what part we can play in environmental sustainability.

It is being presented in conjunction with the upcoming Singapore Night Festival 2019.