The Clueless Guy’s Guide to Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just round the corner and listen up, guys… it’s not just the thought that counts.

If you’re the Clueless Guy who has completely forgotten that Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of the month of May and are wondering what to do now that you know it, here are some quick tips to save the day!

If you happen to be a father-to-be, your pregnant wife would be secretly wishing that you somehow know that you should celebrate this special day for her. So, this guide is for you too!

Clue #1. Say It With Flowers

Don’t think that she’ll say “waste money” and skip this altogether. Flowers are the gift to get. Let it be music to your ears even if she says you shouldn’t have. The truth is, most guys completely forget the flowers and she’ll appreciate them and the attention you shower on her through them.

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Haven’t a clue the right type of flowers to buy? Be sure that you don’t just simply grab the cheapest and nearest ones, and then blame it on being florally challenged. Try to remember her favourite colour or her favourite flower. If that memory cell fails, you don’t have to stick to the fail-safe dozen red roses you’ve already sent for Valentine’s Day. Be creative. Try tulips, lilies or carnations and ask the florist to make something beautiful.

Alternatively, shop online at Noel Gifts or Far East Flora. They bundle up sweet gifts with the flowers. Give them to her before Mother’s Day so that she can enjoy the flowers for a longer time, all the way through the weekend, knowing that you cared and thought of her.

Clue #2. Don’t Cook Breakfast

Really? Yes, you heard us right. Don’t attempt to cook breakfast if you can’t. We wouldn’t want you to turn the beloved kitchen into a war zone and fan the wrong flames.

But mothers would certainly love to have breakfasts served to them in bed. Whether it’s something from MacDonalds or Da Paolo’s, wake up earlier, get it all set and serve it on a nice tray, without her having to lift a finger before, during and after breakfast. Present it nicely and she’ll give you credit for it!

Clue #3. Say “Yes Mum!”

Keep your temper in check and be on your best behaviour. Let her have her way and give in to all her whims and fancies. It’s her day after all! Say please, thank her in a million ways, express yourself in a poem, write her a card, send her an eCard, show her an unexpected gesture of love and kindness… surprise her in every way! You and I know it. She deserves it all.

Clue #4. Pamper Her With A Spa Treatment

Massage. Spa. Manicure. Pedicure. These words speak bliss. Book her a treatment she’ll love and enjoy, or let her choose one for herself.

Clue #5. Send her on a Little Day Out

We saved the best for last. Take care of the kids and simply let her have her little day out. Especially if she has been in charge of the entire household all year round, she’ll totally relish having her own time and space to breathe and blossom on this day out on her own. It can be a simple shopping spree, a high tea with her friends, or even a mini-staycation. It’ll set her free and bring her right back to her swinging single days.

Mums, please feel free to forward this guide to your husbands so they can read this too. Did we get it right? Leave us word on what you wish for Mother’s Day, so we all get what mothers really want.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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