Sentosa Buskers Festival: Interview with Local Busker Jay Che

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The Sentosa Buskers Festival 2014 brings together street acts from Singapore and around the world for nine days of festive fun and performances around Sentosa.

One local busker who is making his second appearance at the Sentosa Buskers Festival is Jay Che with his homegrown act, The J Show. Having performed in street festivals in Poland, Italy, Spain and Korea, The J Show combines music, juggling, manipulation and balancing acts to keep audiences entertained.

Little Day Out caught up with Jay to find out more about busking and what audiences can expect from The J Show.


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Little Day Out: Tell us about how you got started with busking?

Jay: There was a Singapore River Buskers’ Festival some 12 to 14 years ago along the Singapore River, Clarke Quay as well as Orchard Road. I was quite inspired by this juggler from New Jersey who juggled seven balls and walked on the slackline. Not only was he skilful, he was witty and funny as well. Along with other notable acts, like the “Leopard Man” juggler who juggled multiple knivies, they inspired me to do street shows like them.

LDO: What do you enjoy most about busking?

Jay: I guess it would have to be the raw energy from the crowd. The crowd can give you a lot more energy than a captured audience if you are able to win them over in your show.

LDO: What can audiences look forward to during The J Show?

Jay: One of my more unique/notable acts would be ping pong juggling using the mouth. I am able to bounce a ping pong ball using my mouth faster than you can bounce a basketball. They can also see how I play the xylophone using three ping pong balls from my mouth.


LDO: How did you come up with the routine for The J Show?

Jay: It was a lot of trial and error to see what the audiences likes and what works on the street and what doesn’t. The J Show is constantly evolving. Although I have a complete routines, there is always something that I want to add to make the show better.

LDO: Why do you think people should visit the Sentosa Buskers Festival?

Jay: I was inspired by the buskers many years back and I chose to follow my dreams. I am still inspired by the performers in this festival on how dedicated they are to their craft. Hopefully, when people visit the festival, they can find something that inspires them.

LDO: What’s next for The J Show after the Sentosa Buskers Festival?

Jay: There are some corporate engagements for The J Show. But I would be returning to the Bangkok International Street Show Festival for the second time from 12 to 14 December. There is one more festival that the same organisers are planning in Northern Thailand. If that happens, fingers crossed, it would be two festivals in Thailand in December.

The Sentosa Buskers Festival takes place from 6 to 14 September from 4.30 pm onwards at Sentosa’s Beach Plaza and Palawan Beach. The event is free but Sentosa island admission fees apply.

For more information and performance schedules, visit the Sentosa Buskers Festival website.

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