Punggol Regional Library: Books, Study Spaces, Makerspace & More

Punggol Regional Library: Books, Study Spaces, Makerspace & More
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Punggol Regional Library, Singapore’s fourth regional library, is now fully opened! The new library, located at One Punggol integrated hub, covers five levels. It is now the biggest library in Singapore.

Levels One and Two of Punggol Regional Library are devoted to early literacy and the children’s section respectively. Levels Three and Four house the Adults and Teens Zones, while Level Five houses the Programmes Rooms. 

Punggol Regional Library: Welcoming, Family-friendly Space for Readers

Punggol Regional Library: Welcoming, Family-friendly Space for Readers

Punggol Regional Library is extremely family friendly. Entering in at Level One, there is a wide and generous lobby. Multiple facilities found through the first two floors make it especially welcoming to families.

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Level 1: Early Literacy & Toy Library

The first floor of the library is devoted to young children.

Children's Area, Punggol Regional Library

To the left of the entrance, there is a children’s area for those under 12 and their accompanying parents.

Punggol Regional Library Toy Area

This area is equipped with toys on play tables and has a toy library stocked with puppets, sorting boxes and more  according to categories such as dramatic play, sensory play and creative play. There is even a dress up corner for kids that want to play pretend.

Stories Come Alive Room

Next to the Toy Library is the Stories Come Alive Room, a multimedia space where children can listen to stories such as the legend of Kusu Island.  

Early Literacy Zone, Punggol Regional Library

Further in on Level One is the Early Literacy Zone. Books are shelved facing outwards on low shelves to make it easier for young children and their parents to browse the titles.

Accessible Collection

There is also an accessible collection for books for the disability community and their caregivers.

Family Lounge, Punggol Library

Of note is the library’s Family Lounge, also on level 1 at the Early Literacy Zone.

Family Lounge

The Family Lounge is a separate room set up with a water supply and high chairs. It is where families with young children or persons with disabilities can pop in for a quick snack without having to leave the library.

Level 2: Children’s Zone

Ramp at Punggol Library

Levels 1 and 2 are connected internally by an escalator. There is also a ramp that also increases the accessibility between the two floors.

The second floor houses the children’s collection.

World and Us Zone

Besides the usually collections organised by fiction, non-fiction and languages, Punggol Regional Library’s children’s area also has a World and Us Zone. This organises books by continents, allowing kids to explore the books according to geography.

Reading area, Punggol Library

There are also story pods and reading corners for kids to settle down with a book.

Spark!Lab at Punggol Regional Library

The second floor of Punggol Regional Library also has the Spark!Lab. This space is a collaboration between National Library Board and the Smithsonian Institute. It provides a place where 7 to 12 year olds can get hands on at different stations.

Cafe in One Punggol

A cafe next to the library’s second floor entrance provides a spot for some refreshment.

The nursing room is also located on the second floor.

Calm Pod

For library patrons with special needs, the second floor has a Calm Pod. It is designed to be a quiet and safe space that serves as an escape from the bustle of the library.

The Calm Pod is made up of two space – a waiting room and an inner room with padded walls and flooring.

Level 3: SingLit, Study Zone and Teen Zone

19 punggol regional library

Level Three of Punggol Regional Library houses the Chinese, Malay and Tamil fiction books along with the comics collections and general fiction.

The SingLit collection can also be found at Level Three.

Study Zone at Punggol Regional Library

There is a large Study Zone at Level Three with each space equipped with individual power points. These spaces can be booked in advance.  


There is also a designated Teenspace where there are some beanbags that create a cosy environment for teens to hangout.

Level 4: MakeIT, Experience IT, Punggol Stories

The general non-fiction, art, business and travel sections are located on Level Four of the Punggol Library. 

MakeIT at Punggol Regional Library

MakeIT, a tinkering makerspace is also located at Level Four. The free-for-public makerspace offers starters sessions and teaches even those without any experience how to use fabrication equipment like laser cutters and 3D printers, and robotics.

21 punggol regional library

ExperienceIT, an area just beside MakeIT, has exhibits about technology and the latest trends.    

Meeting Pods

There are also enclosed pods and discussion rooms that can be booked on Level Four. 

Punggol Stories

A section of Level Four is also devoted to telling the story of Punggol’s past. Punggol Stories is a small exhibition which traces the history of Punggol, offer a look back in time.

Punggol Regional Library

Library users will appreciate the many sitting spaces all around Punggol Regional Library where they can sit down to read and work.

Level 5: Programme Rooms

 Programme Rooms 

The Programme Rooms on Level 5 are only accessible by the lifts. These rooms are only used for programmes and look out on to the roof of One Punggol

Punggol Regional Library Opening Hours

Levels 1 and 2 are open from Monday to Sunday, 12 pm to 9 pm. Closed on Public Holidays.

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