Pokémon GO Safari Zone Singapore Makes Its Way To Sentosa From 18 To 22 April 2019

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Rejoice Pokémon GO fans as Pokémon GO Safari Zone Singapore – the first in Southeast Asia – makes its way to Sentosa from 18 to 22 April 2019!

Organised by the Sentosa Development Corporation in collaboration with Niantic and The Pokémon Company, Pokémon GO Safari Zone Singapore at Sentosa will see players hunting their favourite Pokémon in a flurry.

The Pokémon GO Safari Zone is a recurrent, regional event that has taken place since 2017 in various countries within Europe and Asia, such as France, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Japan and Taiwan.

For the uninitiated, Pokémon GO Safari Zone events give Trainers the chance to catch region-exclusive Pokémon that aren’t native to region where the event is hosted. Additionally, there is increased spawn-rate of selected Pokémon and Unown.

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Pokémon GO Safari Zone Singapore

Pokémon GO Safari Zone Singapore at Sentosa will be home to multiple PokéStops in and around the island – from the Sentosa Boardwalk to Tanjong Beach. As a Trainer, you’ll have to make your way across sandy beaches and past well-known attractions as you stock up on supplies during your Pokémon adventure of a lifetime!

Along the way, you may discover rare, shiny, and never-before-seen Pokémon, such as the region-specific Tropius, shiny Shuckle, Unown and more!

While on your journey to catch ’em all, be sure to snap photos with your favourite Pokémon at various photo points across Sentosa Island.

There will also be Team rest areas where you can mingle, swap tips, trade Pokémon with fellow trainers from Instinct, Mystic and Valor, and enjoy the all-round camaraderie Pokémon GO is known for.

Taking Part In Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Sentosa

From 5 to 7 March 2019, interested players will need to register their interest and select their preferred date of play via the event website here. You are able to bid for places as an individual or in a group of up to three applicants.

Over 100,000 places will be available for free across the five-day event, and a ballot will be held to select participants.

Selected trainers will then receive a notification email from 11 March 2019, and another email on a later date containing a QR code that serves as a ticket to the event.

Participation in Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Sentosa is limited to the day stated in the confirmation email, in order to give as many trainers a chance to take part.

Trainers without a QR code can still enjoy a day of fun at Sentosa, as you will experience normal gameplay.

To register your interest in Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Sentosa, go here.

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