50 Plant Jokes That’ll Make You Bloom With Laughter

Plant Jokes That'll Make You Bloom With Laughter
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Any plant parents out there? They say talking to plants make them grow better. How about telling them some funny plant jokes too? Here are some funny plant jokes that will tickle the funny bone (or trunk, or whatever plants have).

Some of these plant jokes are simply hilarious. After all, who doesn’t love plants, flowers, trees and nature in general? Have fun enjoying these silly plant jokes and puns. You may even be able to sow them around. 

Funny Plant Jokes That You Can Sow Around

Funny Plant Jokes That You Can Sow Around

1. Why do plants hate math?
Because it gives them square roots!

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2. How do trees get on the internet?
They log on!

3. What did the plant say to his Valentine?
You’re my soil-mate.

4. What did one flower say to the other?
“What’s up, bud?”

5. Why did the tomato turn red?
Because it saw the salad dressing.

6. What is the bright flower of them all?
A sunflower.

7. How do plants contact each other?
With the tel-leaf-phone.

8. Why are trees so good at networking?
Because they’re constantly branching out.

9. What did the carrot say to the other root vegetables?
You’re looking radishing today!

10. What did the bee say to the plant after telling it a joke?
I’m just pollen your leg.

11. Why did the banana decide to go to the doctor?
Because it wasn’t peeling well!

12. Why should you never double-cross lichen?
Because they don’t moss around.

13. What did the bee say to the flower?
“Hello, honey!”

14. Did you hear about the gardener who was embarrassed?
He wet his plants.

15. Why do plants make bad comedians?
Because their jokes always leaf the audience wanting more.

16. Why do flowers always drive so fast?
Because they put the petal to the metal.

17. Watson: Sherlock, what is your favorite plant?
Sherlock: A lemon tree, my dear Watson.

18. Why are flowers so good at problem-solving?
Because they know how to nip it in the bud!

19. What do plants do when they are having a bad day?
They just green and bear it. 

20. What happened to the man who didn’t like plants?
He turned over a new leaf.

21. What is a chicken’s favorite plant?
Egg plant.

22. What did the doctor say to the leaf?
“Are you feeling ok, you’re looking a little green.”

23. What did the baby corn say to the mother corn?
“Where’s popcorn, mom?”

24. A carrot and a cabbage entered a race. Who won?
The cabbage. Because it was ahead.

Silly Plant Jokes and Puns That Will Grow On You

Silly Plant Jokes and Puns That Will Grow On You

Enjoying these funny plant jokes? It is just mint to be, isn’t it? We hope you are getting good chives from these funny puns. Here are more great plant jokes and puns that will have you laughing away.

25. Why do potatoes make the best detectives?
Because they are all eyes,

26. Where do vegetables go after work for drinks?
The salad bar.

27. What plant is always cold?

28. What did Luke Skywalker say after planting a tree?
May the forest be with you. 

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29. Why do melons have fancy weddings?
Because they cantaloupe!

30. Why did the gardener plant light bulbs?
Because he wanted a power plant.

31. What is the most violent vegetable?
A beetroot.

32. What is the scariest plant?

33. Why did the plant go to the psychiatrist?
To get to the root of the problem.

34. Why did the celery go to the police station?
Because it was being stalked.

35. What is the largest number a plant can count till?

36. What political party do plants vote for?
The Green Party.

37. Why did the grape stop in the middle of the road?
Because it ran out of juice.

38. Why shouldn’t you iron a four-leaf clover?
Because you shouldn’t press your luck.

39. What plant would make a bad sailor on a sailing ship?
A forget-me-not.

40. Why did the tree go to the dentist?
To get its root canal done.

41. What did the tree say to encourage his friend?
I’m rooting for you!

42. Why didn’t the man plant any flowers?
Because he hadn’t botany.

43. Why couldn’t the magnolia for the party on Saturday?
Because it had plants for the weekend.

44. Why did the plant pack its luggage?
Because it wanted to travel all clover the world.

45. How do you clone a plant?
With stem cells.

46. Why was the plant sneaking about?
To do an ambush.

47. What did the introverted plant say to visitors that came to his door?
Leaf me alone.

48. What happened to the party planned by the succulent?
It was a cactastrophe.

49. Why didn’t the cactus want to take on the problem?
Because it was a thorny issue. 

50. Why is it good to talk to your herbs about your problems?
Because you can get sage advice.

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