Parent Review: Mr Roll Finds New Life

Parent Review: Mr Roll Finds New Life
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Key messages in parenting have included words like “recycle”, “reuse”, “eco-friendly” of late, particularly as the nation moves towards sustainability plus combatting climate change. Sophia Huang’s new picture book “Mr Roll Finds New Life” is a welcome read to families who may rethink the word “trash”.

Overview of “Mr Roll Finds New Life”

The book’s protagonist is a toilet roll – Mr Roll. He works tirelessly as always and relished being useful. The time came when he awaits his expected fate of being discarded and made into toilet paper.

Then Mr Roll discovers a new journey in the hands of a child. From trash, he became treasure.

Mr Roll Finds New Life Review

I like how the refreshing perspective on a toilet roll made us take a closer look at the toilet rolls at home. The light-hearted story is a great way to send the message of recycling to little ones through the journey of Mr Roll. One can also identify with his emotions – from feeling productive to feeling abandoned, then having a new lease of life.

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The colourful illustrations by EorG make the story come alive. The visuals are vibrant, eye-catching and breathes life into Mr Roll in all his actions.

My favourite bit was anticipating what Mr Roll was going to transform into. Sophia Huang, the author, also known for her DIY toy-making with recyclables was able to bring this out very thoughtfully. She also offers different ideas for re-using and upcycling toilet rolls at home.

An almost insignificant object – a mere toilet roll can teach both children and adults big lessons on how our little actions can mean positive changes for our planet. It was an enjoyable read which will inspire one to make better use of “trash” and perhaps transform them into treasure.

Recommended Ages

“Mr Roll Finds New Life” will be enjoyed by children of all ages, particularly those who are 4 and above. It also includes facts about where trash goes, how to reduce, reuse and recycle. It also has diagrams of Mr Roll’s journey according to the ways we discard him.

Mr Roll’s Call to Upcycle

This book provokes and inspires in ways we never thought a toilet roll could. And we hope more will find treasure in trash. Before you decide to throw something, do give a think on how your trash can be transformed.

Purchase your copy here.

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