Orchids Of The Amazon & Tree VR Experience: Bringing The Amazon To The Cloud Forest, Gardens By The Bay

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Take a journey to the wilds of the Amazon with two new experiences at the Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay. Orchids of the Amazon is a display of exotic orchids which are native to the Amazon rainforest, while Tree is a virtual reality or VR booth that allows you to “step into the shoes” of a tree.

Both Orchids of the Amazon and the Tree VR experience bring across the common message of the beauty, diversity and fragility of the rainforest.

Orchids of the Amazon

Orchids of the Amazon at Cloud Forest, Gardens by the BayOccupying the ground level of the Cloud Forest, Orchids of the Amazon displays 50 varieties of epiphytic orchids. Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants and get their nutrients from the air and the surrounding environment.

The 50 varieties on display at the Cloud Forest display are just some of the more than 700 varieties of orchid found in the Amazon rainforest. These have been displayed in a short walk-through exhibition which surrounds visitors with lush greenery.

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An interesting species of orchid to look out for is the Polycycnis Silvana, which has flowers that resemble the necks of graceful swans.

Capybaras replicaAlso on display are replicas of animals found in the Amazon, such as the sloth and capybaras.

Portraits of a Miniverse Photo ExhibitionAccompanying the Orchids of the Amazon exhibition at Cloud Forest is a photo exhibition by Singaporean photographer Shannon Heng. Portraits of a Miniverse showcases photographs of miniature orchids.

Orchid of the Amazon runs till 29 March 2020; Portraits of a Miniverse will be on display till 16 February 2020.

Tree VR Experience

Tree VR Experience at Gardens by the Bay, SingaporeAt the Crystal Mountain area of the Cloud Forest, the Tree VR experience provides an immersive way for a user to be transformed into a tree.

It was created by Milica Zec and Winslow Porter, in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance. Since its debut at the Sundance Film Festival, Tree has been showcased around the world in countries like USA, Hong Kong, Dubai, Denmark and the Netherlands. This year, it has travelled to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland as well as the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

It costs $5 to experience the Tree virtual reality booth, in addition to the Cloud Forest admission charges.

The Tree VR Experience at Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay will run till 16 February 2020.

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