NTUC FairPrice Xtra At VivoCity Is Going The Extra Mile With An Indoor Farm And Kids Play Area

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You wouldn’t expect to find an indoor farm or a children’s play area inside a hypermarket, but these are just some of the “extra” features found at the NTUC FairPrice Xtra at VivoCity. Found in the basement levels, the NTUC FairPrice supermarket at VivoCity occupies the two-storey space that was previously Giant Hypermart.

The new hypermarket has been designed to keep pace with the ever-evolving retail landscape and to counteract the allure of online retailers. NTUC Fairprice has gone the extra mile to differentiate the in-store shopping experience at the VivoCity supermarket.

NTUC FairPrice Xtra at VivoCityFor starters, the supermarket retail area is almost “open plan”. There are no high shelves which make shoppers feel claustrophobic. Instead, you can practically look across the entire retail floor.

Here are some of the other highlights you will find of the new VivoCity NTUC FairPrice Xtra.

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Indoor Vegetable Farm

Indoor Vegetable FarmUrban farming is increasingly popular and at NTUC FairPrice Xtra at VivoCity, you can view vegetables being grown indoors.

Indoor Vegetable Farm at FairPrice XtraThe hydroponic farm is operated by ComCorp and vegetables grown are then put on sale on the shelves. These vegetables are known as “Zero Mile Greens”.

So, the next time you ask the kids where vegetables come from and they say, “The supermarket”, they may not be wrong after all.

Castle-themed Children’s Play Area

Castle-themed Children’s Play AreaWhile there are already some other supermarkets with children’s areas, the one found at VivoCity’s NTUC FairPrice Xtra Hypermart is about as large as we come across. It is medieval castle-themed and has a little space for kids to climb into.

This children’s play area is designed for kids between 3 to 9 years old. It is located near the toy section, on the upper floor of the VivoCity supermarket.

Nursing Room

Nursing Room at VivoCity SupermarketAnother thoughtful feature for parents is a Nursing Room. It isn’t very large but still a useful feature, especially if all the other nursing rooms in VivoCity are occupied.

Bicycle Workshop

Bicycle WorkshopNot only can you buy a bike at FairPrice Xtra at VivoCity but there is Bicycle Workshop to help with repairs too.

Ice-cream Truck

Ice-cream TruckOkay, the pink ice-cream truck is just a nicely decked out refrigerator but it does attract the eye.

Teddy bear driver named MarcusAnd, the teddy bear driver named Marcus looks friendly too.

The Kitchen, Bakery & Grill-on-Demand

Food counters within VivoCity NTUC SupermarketThere is a bakery run by Swee Heng and other food counters at the VivoCity FairPrice Xtra too.

Grill on DemandYou can also buy seafood or meat cuts and bring it over to the grill for them to char it up.

Seating area at The KitchenBring it over to the dining area to consume it. While seats are limited, if you arrive early, you may be able to sit down to munch down your food.

Charging PortsAt the counter seats, for people dining alone with only their mobile phones for company, there USB charging ports to keep their electronic companions alive.

Fresh Seafood

Fresh SeafoodTanks stacked on top of each other are stocked with live seafood like crabs and fish. Need to ensure that your produce is fresh, get it here.

Oysters at FairPrice XtraThere are also live oysters at this FairPrice Pasar!

Nuts and Snacks

Nuts and SnacksThere is a dispensing area where organic nuts and grains can be purchased by weight.

Fresh nut butterAn additional feature at NTUC FairPrice Xtra at VivoCity is a counter where fresh nut butter can be made and purchased.

Robot Cleaners

Robot CleanersWhile walking around, do a keep a look out for these futuristic robots keeping the floor clean. You may also occasionally hear it talking to you if you get too close.

Claw Machines

Claw MachinesJust after the checkout counters on the lower floor, there are claw machines that you can have a go at before leaving the supermarket.

NTUC FairPrice Xtra, VivoCity

Where: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-23 VivoCity, Singapore 098585

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