More Than Monkeys: More Than Stamps

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Try “fishing” for ants, go on a canopy search and listen to the call of a howler monkey at the Singapore Philatelic Museum.

The Coleman Street museum is ready to swing into the Lunar New Year with its latest exhibition, More Than Monkeys. Discover interesting facts and learn about monkeys and apes at this exhibition that opens 29 January 2016.

Over 300 stamps from Asia, Africa, Central and South America provide a window to the variety of monkeys found around the world. These are accompanied by interesting factoids on the wall. Learn, for example, the difference between an “Old World” monkey and a “New World” monkey, and how the northernmost monkeys, the Japanese macaque, have adapted to life in the freezing snow. Closer to home, there is a story about Mia, an injured long-tailed macaque that was rescued from MacRitchie Reservoir and nursed back to health by ACRES.

More Than Monkeys

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More Than Monkeys

Primates are among the only animals that use tools to hunt for food. Other than bananas, one mealtime favourite is the ant. At More Than Monkeys, kids can take a stick and try poking around to catch some “ants” from an anthill just like monkeys do.

Ant Fishing

Other interactive activities at the exhibition include a jigsaw puzzle, stringing up monkeys and a wordsearch puzzle on the wall.


String of Monkeys

At the “treehouse” in the centre of the room, kids will find binoculars to help them spot rainforest factshigh up in the “canopy” around the room.


A section of the exhibition is devoted to famous stories involving monkeys. Read about Sun Wukong, Hanuman, why monkeys and crocodiles cannot be friends and the four friends – the bird, the rabbit, monkey and elephant.

Four Friends

For more information about the exhibition, visit the Singapore Philatelic Museum website.

Venue:  Singapore Philatelic Museum
Address: 23-B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807
Dates: 29 Jan to 25 Sep 2016
Opening Hours: 10 am to 7 pm daily
Admission Charges: Free admission for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents; otherwise, $6 for adults and $4 for children.

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