MindChamps Year-end School Holiday Workshops 2017: Themed Activities For Better Learning

Mindchamps Reading and Writing Workshops
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Excite your child with themed learning activities at MindChamps Year-end School Holiday Workshops 2017.

With programmes catering to children as young as 3 years old to those preparing for their PSLE next year, MindChamps holiday workshops are designed to inculcate more than just raw skills, but values and soft skills as well.

Champions Values Workshop

“The most important 2 things that I learnt from the CVP workshop are being respectful and having resilience in the things I do” – Zachary, 8 years old

Mindchamps school holiday workshopMindChamps’ Champions Values Workshop aims to equip primary school-going children with skills and values needed to succeed in life. Rather than focusing on any particular academic subject, the two-day, full-day workshop seeks to impress on young minds the importance of the right attitudes and values instead.

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Champions Values Workshop - MindChamps Year-end School Holiday Workshops 2017
Participants at MindChamp’s Champions Values Workshop learn the importance of the right attitude and soft skills.

The workshop was started two years ago when MindChamps recognised gaps in the ability of children to fully harness the champion mindset. It is designed to empower children with the right attitude to life, develop values such as gratefulness and integrity, and equip them with essential skills such as EQ.

The ten Champion Values are:

I am Confident
I am Grateful
I have Integrity
I am Self-reflective
I Focus on the Beauty in Others
I Embrace Setbacks as SetUps
I Value Feedback as a Seed for Growth
I am Creative
I am Compassionate
I am a Life-long Learner

Reflection time at the Champion Values Workshop
Reflection time at the Champion Values Workshop

Examples of activities that will take place at the Champions Values Workshop include watching video clips that convey the Champion Values, having participants record down personalised messages for parents to express their gratitude, and self-reflection exercises.

The Champions Values Workshop is an investment in a child’s character, encouraging him or her to develop into a well-rounded, balanced individual.

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Be a Junior Environmentalist Reading & Writing Workshops

MindChamps is also offering reading and writing workshops with an environmentally-conscious spin for the year-end school holidays 2017.

Writing Workshop
Participants at the MindChamps Workshop

Two-Hour Reading Workshops for Younger Children

At MindChamps’ Be a Junior Environmentalist Reading Workshop for three to six year olds (in 2018), kids will learn the importance of saving the environment while picking up reading skills. The two-hour themed workshop blends fun activities with phonics and a listening and reading programme to create an engaging programme for young children.

The learning does not end with the workshop as MindChamps will also be sharing tips with mums and dads on how to cultivate the reading culture at home during this parent-accompanied workshop.

Two-Day Writing Workshops for K2 to P4

Start your child on a journey to improving his or her writing skills at MindChamps’ themed two-day writing workshops. Catering to K2 to Primary 4 children, participants will learn about conserving the environment and relate what they have learnt to parts of speech as adjectives, conjunctions and verbs. They will also be taught about creative writing during the writing workshop.

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PSLE Grand Prix for P6 in 2018

Mindchamps PSLE WorkshopWant to lay a strong foundation for your child who is entering Primary 6 in 2018?

MindChamps has got you covered on that front as well.

The Formula 1-themed PSLE Grand Prix holiday workshops take place over two days on 30 November and 1 December 2017. Workshops cover the four subjects of English, Chinese, Science and Mathematics, and consist of classroom activities and projects to reinforce students’ understanding of the curriculum.

Examples of what will be covered at MindChamps PSLE Grand Prix holiday workshops 2017 include comprehension skills for English, comprehension and composition skills for Chinese, key concepts and process skills for Science and measurement and conceptual skills for Mathematics.

The workshops will also cover exam strategies to help boost your child’s confidence as he or she enters his or her final year of primary school. You can choose to sign up your child individually for each subject or for all subjects.

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MindChamps Year-end School Holiday Workshops 2017

Get more information about MindChamps Year-end School Holiday Workshops 2017 from the MindChamps website or call 8332 0020.

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