MindChamps PreSchool At Nordcom II: 5 Things That Families Living In The North Should Know About This New Centre

MindChamps PreSchool At Nordcom II: 5 Things That Families Living In The North Should Know About This New Centre
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With over 30 centres in Singapore, MindChamps PreSchool offers premium early childhood education programmes developed by international experts as well as education specialists who have a keen understanding of the local school system.

In January 2019, a new centre, MindChamps PreSchool at Nordcom II, will be added to the MindChamps family, bringing the highly-respected brand even closer to more families living in the North of Singapore.

MindChamps at Nordcom II in Sembawang – The Product of Personal Experience

Run by husband-and-wife team of Timothy and Nicol Tan, MindChamps PreSchool at Nordcom II was born from their personal experience with the brand.

When the Tans had their first child, they looked around for a suitable preschool based on their personal criteria of a robust curriculum, a happy environment and convenience.

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Timothy and Nicol’s children during their years in MindChamps PreSchool.
Timothy and Nicol’s children during their years in MindChamps PreSchool.

This eventually led them to send their daughter to MindChamps PreSchool. And while their daughter has since moved on to primary school, it is a testament to their belief in the quality of MindChamps’ development model and nurturing social environment that they also chose to send their younger child to MindChamps PreSchool.

Having had a good experience with MindChamps as parents, the Tans have taken it one step further by opening MindChamps PreSchool at Nordcom II. This new centre brings the well-thought out MindChamps system and methodology closer to families living in the North of Singapore.

As parents themselves, the Tans understand the importance of having dedicated and well-trained teachers and a welcoming environment. It is their desire that the new centre’s preschoolers, or Champs as they are known, will look forward to attending preschool each day and have the same great experience their daughter had during the preschool years.

For those living in districts like Sembawang, Woodlands and Yishun, here are 5 reasons why MindChamps PreSchool at Nordcom II may well be the right preschool for their own champ!

1. Well-located PreSchool for Families in Sembawang, Yishun and Woodlands

MindChamps @ Nordcom SembawangMindChamps PreSchool at Nordcom II is easily accessible to families living in Sembawang, Yishun, and Woodlands. Located off Gambas Avenue, the centre is close to major expressways and serviced by major road connections.

Convenience was one of the factors which the Tans used when deciding on a preschool and MindChamps at Nordcom II ticks this box for those living in the North. It is a 10-minute walk from Sembawang MRT station, a 3-minute drive from Woodlands and 8 minutes away from Yishun by car.

MindChamps at Nordcom II “caters to a rising demand for preschools as many young families are now calling these areas home,” said Mr Tan, and with its central location, MindChamps PreSchool is well-placed to serve not only those living in Sembawang, but Woodlands and Yishun too.

2. Stage Has Been Set: Brand New Facilities

New Facilities at MindChamps Nordcom II, SembawangAn integral part of the MindChamps PreSchool curriculum is Creative and Theatrical Strategies where students bring to life stories, and ‘Physically Become’ characters or concepts.

Held weekly, the Creative and Theatrical Strategies programme at MindChamps allow Champs to hone their creative, associative and divergent thinking skills through specially crafted exercises.

MindChamps PreSchool at Nordcom IITo support this aspect of growth, MindChamps PreSchool at Nordcom II has a lovely stage and performance area for children to recreate the stories and experience the magic of theatre for themselves. This elevates the creative learning experience to the next level and makes it extra fun for the Champs.

MindChamps PreSchool at Nordcom IIIn addition, other brand new facilities at the Centre include an indoor gym and inviting creative play corners that are bound to be a hit with the Champs.

3. Picturesque Rooftop Pavilions

Picturesque Rooftop PavilionsAt Nordcom II, the Champs will have the privilege of enjoying the amenities unique to the location.

For starters, the children will get to enjoy their weekly Gourmet Moments class on a beautiful rooftop terrace. These alfresco pavilions make the perfect setting for children to learn about food and healthy eating habits.

Basketball court at Nordcom IIIn addition, the children will be able to participate in outdoor activities in the safety of a gated basketball court, also located on the rooftop terrace of Nordcom II.

4. Learning Adventures in the Great Outdoors

Canberra ParkThe Champs at Nordcom II are also in close proximity to green spaces such as Canberra Park and Sembawang Park.

With Mother Nature being the best teacher a child could have, MindChamps at Nordcom II has lined up a series of field trips and excursions so that their Champs will get to experience learning outdoors.

5. A Family of Champions

MindChamps understands the emotional upheaval little ones go through each and every time they are separated from parents. Thus there is an emphasis on developing the child’s trust and growing each class as a family.

As the parent of a MindChamps graduate himself, Mr Tan knows the importance of parental involvement during the preschool years and this is something emphasized at MindChamps PreSchool at Norcom II. From first-hand experience, he has found that parental involvement not only benefits a child by increasing his or her confidence levels, but also result in many parents of Champs coming away as great friends.

“We are about growing as a family, and becoming one family – this is what sets MindChamps apart from its competitors. This is the children’s home away from home, and we want them to feel as loved and secure as possible,” he said.

Welcome, MindChamps Nordcom Champs!

MindChamps PreSchool at Nordcom IIMindChamps PreSchool at Nordcom II welcomes Champs from January 2019 onwards.

To learn more about this new preschool in the North of Singapore or to arrange a Centre visit, email sg.psnordcom2@mindchamps.org, call 8522 7282 or go to the website here.

MindChamps PreSchool at Nordcom II

Address: 2 Gambas Crescent #01-26/27/40/41 Nordcom II, Singapore 757044
Contact: 8522 7282
Email: sg.psnordcom2@mindchamps.org

This feature is brought to you by MindChamps PreSchool.


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