Magical Shores: Sentosa’s Beach Light Show Where You Can Play With Whales & Watch Islets Come Alive At

Interactive Siloso Beach Light Show
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Not just another light show, Sentosa’s Magical Shores, the beach light show at Siloso Beach is a first in Singapore. Now “screening” on the sand, Magical Shores is a free light experience which will get you into a lovely, relaxing mood when the lights go down at Sentosa!

Magical Shores at Siloso, Sentosa Beach Light Show

While the idea of taking the family to the beach might sound like an arduous task, we guarantee that THIS will be quite the opposite. Simply pack a dinner picnic or choose from one of the many dining spots at Siloso Beach, then prepare to feast while chasing the light.

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Overview of Sentosa’s Magical Shores: The Free Beach Light Show

Four Key Acts of Magical Shores at Sentosa Siloso Beach

The multisensory light show spans across a 400-metre stretch of Siloso beach with projections on two islets.

Four Acts

Nocturnal Awakening

Four key acts await the audience at Magical Shores at Sentosa.

Noturnal Awakenings

Nocturnal Awakening opens the show with an “awakening” of Siloso Beach with magical movements, interpretative art with waves, ripples, marine creatures like stingrays, fish and a giant whale!

Don’t miss the spectacular motion of the whale as it swims towards the beach and then away onto the islet and swims upwards into the skies.

Islet Whispers

Islet Whispers

Next up is Islet Whispers. Move your gaze to the islet bathed in lights, fog and tranquil music. Lights will emerge over the islets, merging with projections on the beach.

Force of Nature

Force of Nature - Magical Shores Sentosa

Watch the trees as the Force of Nature sweeps over the islet and a light and sound symphony highlights the natural landscape. The lights and sounds respond in various levels of intensity to the audience movements.

New Peaks

New Peaks - Sentosa Siloso Beach Light Show

The last act is a three-minute projection New Peaks, which dazzles with its colour and adds a magical dimension to the Sentosa night sky.

Tips on Where To Enjoy the Siloso Beach Light Show

There are two main spots to enjoy and interact with the lights – each in front of the two islets.

If your child is sensitive to the dark, we recommend the brighter spot closer to Ola Beach Club, which is closer to Central Beach Bazaar and the ticketed Wings of Time light show.

On the other hand, to experience the light show without too many people, we would urge you to take the spot near the former Wavehouse site as it is darker and images projected are clearer.

Sentosa Siloso Light Show

A good landmark to look out for would be the three structures that will project light and sound onto the sand and islets.

Magical Shores Timings

The Magical Shores experience restarts every 15 minutes from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm on Fridays to Sundays, Eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays.

Overall Review of Sentosa’s Siloso Beach Light Experience

Light Show on the Beach - Magical Indeed!

The whole Magical Shores experience at Sentosa felt surreal and transported us away from the stresses of life for a good half hour. It felt like a yoga class when meditative nature sounds and music was played along with the animations projected onto the sand.

Kids, both adult-sized and mini versions, will love chasing the ripples, flowers, swirls and creatures which will playfully move or surround their feet. Kids will love to experience the magic.

Playing at Siloso Beach - Magical Shores Light Show

Magical Shores at Siloso was very well-executed and probably the one of the best we have seen in Singapore. It is totally worth a trip down to the Southern tip of Singapore and it won’t cost you much to get to Sentosa. Furthermore, the dreaminess of the entire show might lull your kids to bed earlier than expected, especially after all the light-chasing.

Magical Shores at Sentosa, Every Evening

We suggest spending a relaxing evening at Siloso beach, after a full day of work or school. Your family will have a whale of a time – pun intended.

To enjoy Magic Shores at Siloso, get to Siloso beach with a quick stroll from Beach station. Go barefoot for optimal comfort. For more details, refer to this site.

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