Kumoya Rilakkuma -The Relax Café: Chill Out At Orchard Central

Kumoya Rilakkuma -The Relax Café: Chill Out At Orchard Central
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Relax and put your mind at ease when you visit Kumoya’s Rilakkuma -The Relax Café, the brand’s second outlet, located at Orchard Central. Rilakkuma meaning “bear in a relaxed mood” creates a chill atmosphere for you to hang out with your family and friends.

Kumoya Rilakkuma -The Relax Café

The new space comes with a new menu which has been curated by Little Miss Bento. Here’s what we got to try.

Food at Kumoya Rilakkuma -The Relax Café

Food at Kumoya Rilakkuma -The Relax Café

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We started with two sides: Rilakkuma “Dango” Baos with Sweet Matcha and Ocean fresh Mixed Seafood in-a-box.

The Relax Café

The baos were a relatively new item on the menu and we enjoyed the sweet matcha filling inside. The Ocean fresh Mixed Seafood consisted of battered seafood such as prawns, salmon and squid rings in a tempura coating.

In the new Kumoya Rilakkuma -The Relax Café Orchard Central outlet, many of the items feature new and exciting combinations.

Food at The Relax Café - Kumoya Orchard

We tried the Relaxy Rilakkuma Chicken Cordon Bleu which came with fluffy teriyaki rice, mushroom sauce and salad. The chicken was tender although we couldn’t taste the teriyaki in the rice. The mushroom sauce was closer to a curry sauce and we recommend choosing it only if you can take a hint of heat.


Another dish we tried was the Chirpy Kiiroitori Beef Stew Rice which features turmeric rice in the shape of happy Kiiroitori on a bed of house made beef stew with steamed carrots, mushrooms and broccoli.

Overall it was a hearty meal and best enjoyed immediately when served.

The features of the adorable 3D characters however are not made with seaweed but with sugar cubes. If you do not enjoy mixing sweet sugar cubes into your savoury meals, we recommend putting them aside after you’re done taking pictures for the ‘gram.

Just Desserts

Just Desserts - Kumoya

We ended off our very kawaii meal with two desserts: Pretty in Pink Sakura Parfait and the Rilakkuma Sweet Honey Pancakes.

The Pretty in Pink Sakura Parfait consists of a sakura pudding, macarons, Rilakkuma butter cookies, fluffy cotton candy and vanilla ice cream. We were pleasantly surprised that this dish was not overly sweet and we liked the creaminess of the ice cream too.

If you’re in the mood for buttery fluffy pancakes, the Rilakkuma Sweet Honey Pancakes are a must have. Cut in the cute shape of the iconic character herself, enjoy this sweet treat that comes with honey, fresh berries and matcha and vanilla ice cream.


At the Rilakkuma -The Relax Café popup, they have a large range of drinks. These include interesting ones such as frappes with dango as well as iced tea with chocolate.

Our drink of choice, however, was the Korilakkuma Fizzy Strawberry Soda which has Korilakkuma in cotton candy form and a cute cut-out of Kiiroitori on its head.

Just Desserts at Kumoya Orchard Central

Every drink comes with a free limited edition coaster and if you order any of their hot drinks, you can bring the adorable mugs home by topping up $13.90.

Kumoya Orchard Central

Kumoya’s outlet at Orchard Central has an exclusive private room which you can book for special occasions. It can comfortably sit ten people (after Phase 2, please) and the room is well lit.

Kumoya’s Rilakkuma -The Relax Café

Kumoya's Rilakkuma -The Relax Café

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #04-08, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: Daily, 11 am to 9.30 pm

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