Kumoya Bad Badtz Maru x Gutetama Pop Up Café: Swing By And SingapoLAH!

Bad badtz-maru and Gudetama Café
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Themed Café Kumoya is back with a new twist that is sure to delight and bring cheer! Kumoya is proud to bring another first to Singapore with the first-ever Gudetama and Bad Badtz-Maru crossover following the theme of SingapoLAH! The new pop-up café opens Thursday, 30 July 2020.

Bad Badtz Maru x Gutetama Pop Up Café at Kumoya

e02 badbadtz maru gudetama kumoya cafe

The themed pop-up café feature characters with personalities that are worlds apart. Visiting the café is the cute but lazy Gudetma and strong-willed penguin, Bad Badtz Maru. Together, they “explore” different iconic parts of Singapore!

At the new Kumoya themed Bad Badtz Maru x Gutetama Pop Up Café, the two characters can be spotted spouting “Singlish” phrases – a cute nod to local culture.

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Cute Character Food

Here are some of the foods that are on the menu this time.

e07 badbadtz maru gudetama kumoya cafe

There are a variety of mains on the menu and the one that caught our eye was a “Relax Lah! Japanese curry Seafood Rice dish.

e09 badbadtz maru gudetama kumoya cafe

This dish has fluffy Japanese charcoal rice in the shape of Bad Badtz Maru and Gudetama in its true form of an omelette. It comes with breaded calamari, scallop, fresh tempura salmon, steamed broccoli and cheddar cheese and carrot stars.

e14 badbadtz maru gudetama kumoya cafe

Another main that caught our eye was the Shiok Shiok Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta. This pasta comes with a super kawaii limited-edition pasta box and you can choose from the vegetarian version as well as if you want to have it with a hint of spice.

e03 badbadtz maru gudetama kumoya cafe

This dish was one of our favourites as there is quite a lot of attention to detail to the packaging of their ride on our Singapore River Boat.

We had the non-vegetarian option which came with big juicy prawns and the pasta had a generous amount of garlic. The pasta also came with a salad on the side.

Kumoya also has mains such as udon, burgers and a breakfast set.

On the Side Lor

e13 badbadtz maru gudetama kumoya cafe

The sides or snacks at the Bad Badtz Maru x Gutetama Pop Up Café consist of hand-cut truffle fries, golden sweet potato fries and of course, our favourite karage chicken with shouyu glaze.

The packaging is also the same across all sides and has the two friends visit our iconic Changi Airport Tower, exclaiming local Singlish phrase: “Wah Lau Eh!” in awe.

e04 badbadtz maru gudetama kumoya cafe

There are two new drinks in the launch: the “Okay Lor! Lotus Caramel Frappe as well as the Yah lah! Mango Frappe.

We tried the Yah lah! Mango Frappe featuring Bad Badtz Maru’s face. The top foam was a dark chocolate cream and had a mango ice blend at the bottom. We enjoyed this drink quite a lot and chocolate and mango is a combination that can’t go wrong.

All beverages are served with a limited edition, café-exclusive Bad Badtz Maru x Gutetama coaster. There are three designs to collect!

Sweet Desserts!

e10 badbadtz maru gudetama kumoya cafe

And last but certainly not least, we have our long-awaited desserts. The concept of the desserts is close to its recent “We Bear Bear” pop up but still aesthetically novel.

We had the Lazy Chocolate Ball of Surprise.

e11 badbadtz maru gudetama kumoya cafe

In the form of lazy egg Gudetama, customers can get the fun of knocking open the yellow chocolate ball to reveal the delicious surprise of kawaii cookies, marshmallows, warm chocolate brownies, sprinkles and more! There is also a double swirl Hokkaido soft serve on the side to enjoy.

Other dessert items on the menu include charcoal pancakes, charcoal waffles and a chocolate lava cake.

e05 badbadtz maru gudetama kumoya cafe

Even though the café’s focus is on Gudetama and Badtz-Maru, there is a surprise appearance of favourite Sanrio character Keroppi in the dessert menu! Order the special fluffy matcha green tea cake while you can!

More Sanrio Characters to Come at Kumoya Cafe

e06 badbadtz maru gudetama kumoya cafe

2020 marks Sanrio’s 60th anniversary. So for the rest of the year, Kumoya intends to bring more super surprises of more Sanrio’s beloved characters to “wow” visitors. We can’t wait for what’s ahead but are excited to enjoy the company of Gudetama and Badtz-Maru for now!