Kith Café at Marina Square: Toddler-Friendly Café In Town

Kith Cafe at Marina Square
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I’d chanced upon Kith Café at Marina Square when I was out and about with my then 8-month-old baby, and since then, I’ve remained a big fan of that particular outlet. It’s almost embarrassing that whenever I’m asked to suggest a baby-friendly spot, Kith at Marina Square always ALWAYS comes to mind first.

But hashtag, sorry not sorry because Kith at Marina Square really is great for parents of crawling babies and hyperactive toddlers, what with a minimalistic play area tucked away inside the restaurant.

Just Right

Kith Cafe, Marina Square
Source: Kith Cafe

Although you’ll find neither a play kitchen nor a mini slide here, there is a box of toys (with blocks and such), super cool hipster rocking horses (from premium design store XTRA), and a sizeable TV screen, often with a good Disney or Pixar cartoon showing.

And that’s all the children – and parents – need! The play area is lined with foam mats which makes it a little safer for pre-walkers. At the same time, a tucked away play area minimises the risk of children wandering off. Even when I couldn’t get a table right by the play area, I was happy for my daughter to move independently between that and our seat.

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Play Date Venue

Kith Café at Marina Square is awesome for a lunch or coffee play date because the food and drinks do not disappoint too! Their menu is extensive to say the least. With a good selection of all-day breakfast items like eggs benedict on sourdough, salads, soups, sandwiches, and main courses such as fish and chips, there’s something for every mummy and daddy. I mean, they even offer healthier alternatives, so you can have your gluten-free pancakes and eat them too!

If you’re just after some afternoon tea, Kith Café does a mean coffee and a yummy House-made Tiramisu.

Kith Café at Marina Square has never been uncomfortably crowded any day of the week but go early if you’d like to occupy prime play area seating, provided it hasn’t already been reserved.

Kith Café at Marina Square

Where: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-49 Marina Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 039594


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