I-Opener: Play with the Senses At Playeum – An Eye-Opening, Artful Play Adventure

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I-Opener: Play with the Senses, the latest exhibition at Playeum, Singapore’s Children’s Centre for Creativity, is a celebration of art’s magical ability to transcend all human boundaries.

From now till 26 April 2020, I-Opener: Play with the Senses inspires children to explore their world with four fun sensory play spaces designed by artists with disabilities.

Embracing Playeum’s philosophy of uninhibited free play, the exhibition allows children to explore their senses as they discover the world around them.

I-Opener: Play with the Senses at Playeum

Here’s what you can look forward at I-Opener: Play with the Senses.

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Clement Space

Clement Space at I-Opener Playeum

Clement Space is a sensorial interactive space. Created and designed by Dr Dawn-joy Leong, an autistic artist, it invites visitors to seek a haven of peace amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The variety of textural elements in Clement Space, ranging from organza curtains to a fur rug. Young children are encouraged to touch and interact with the art pieces. This tactile experience allows them to explore their sense of touch, interacting and changing the moveable elements while feeling a deep sense of serenity.

Cavan Scope

Cavan ScopeProudly created by Cavan Chang, an artist with Down’s syndrome, Cavan Scope is a colourful and eclectic collage of various objects.

This art piece beckons all to step into his colourful world and play along with him through his artwork. The plethora of colours and shapes will definitely intrigue and fascinate young children. They can even add on to his collage, a little contribution to his world.


I-Opener: Play With The Senses At Playeum - An Art AdventureSOLScape is inspired by Sol Pickens, a young autistic artist who transforms his two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional structures. This installation features three of his pieces which depict the interior of houses.

Children are encouraged to take inspiration from Pickens’ works and transfer their own two-dimensional works into a three-dimensional play space. Additionally, children are free to use their imagination and play with the houses, adding props and other materials to form their interpretation of the art pieces.

SOLScape offers an interesting adventure for young children where play is unbounded and the only limit is their imagination.


PoetreeAn installation by Jo Devadason, a poet with Down Syndrome, Poetree is a collection of Devadason’s poems that reflect her love for books, imaginary play and self-expression. Take a step into Devadason’s world that is painted in tomato red, lemon yellow and twilight blue and where the moon princess resides.

Creative Space

Besides appreciating the works of the four artists, Playeum invites young audiences to participate in the creation of their own art pieces while at I-Opener: Play with the Senses.

Children can make their imagination a reality in The Maker Space, a play area at Playeum set aside for children to freely create whatever they wish using a variety of interesting and unconventional art materials such as cereal boxes and bottle caps. Young children can also further explore the various technological inventions such as the Tyre Light Play Projector and the Hologram Projector.

Play is not a luxury; it is a necessity to leading a healthy, happy and holistic life. Check out Playeum’s I-Opener: Play with the Senses!

Check out our video of what to expect at Playeum’s I-Opener: Play with the Senses.

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