How To Play: What’s The Time Mr Wolf

What's The Time Mr Wolf
Image: Pixabay
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An engaging game that can be played across a wide age range, “What’s the time Mr Wolf” is a great activity to play both indoors and outdoors. Here’s how to play the game “What’s The Time Mr Wolf?”

What you need to play What’s The Time Mr Wolf

  • A group of at least three or more people
  • An open space to run back and forth in

How to Play What’s The Time Mr Wolf

First, players will choose someone to be the wolf. The aim of the game is for the wolf to tag one of the other players. The wolf will stand on one end of the room with their back facing the other players. The remaining players will stand on the other end of the room facing the wolf.

The players will start the game by asking in unison “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”

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The wolf will then answer in one of two ways. The first is for them to give a time, such as “6 O’Clock” They can only give whole numbers and not the time with minutes.

If the wolf does this, the players will then take the same number of steps as the time towards the wolf. They will then ask the same question again.

The other way that the wolf can respond is “dinner time” or “lunchtime!” When this happens the wolf will turn around and try to tag the players, thus making them the next wolf.

Players can try to beat win the game by either successfully running away from the wolf during “dinner time” or “lunchtime”, or by taking enough steps to tag the wolf before they turn around and call for “dinner time” or “lunchtime”.

Variations of What’s The Time Mr Wolf

Hopscotch Mr Wolf: This game can be played in a hopscotch court and when the wolf responds with the time, the players have to hop that number of spaces forwards on the hopscotch court. If Mr Wolf answers with “It’s dinner time” the players try to run back to the beginning of the hopscotch court before they are caught by Mr Wolf.

Mr Shark: This is played the same way but the biggest difference is that it is played in a swimming pool and instead of choosing a “wolf”, players will appoint a shark

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