How To Play: Hantam Bola Or Poison Ball

Hamtam Bola
Image: Unsplash
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Translating to mean “hit with (or by) a ball”, Hantam Bola is similar to dodgeball and is a popular game to play amongst friends if one is looking for some friendly competition. This game is one that many might remember to be a popular activity during recess or after school.

This game was a popular one especially during the kampong days as it was inexpensive and did not require much equipment to play.

Here’s how to play the game Hantam Bola

Equipment needed to play the game Hantam Bola

  • A Ball
  • A large open space
  • A group of players

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How to play Hantam Bola

First, appoint a playing member to be a “thrower”. The aim of the game Hantam Bola is to try to throw a ball and hit a player, thus making them the next “thrower”.

Ensure that certain rules are being set such as only aiming for the arms and legs, avoiding areas that would be prone to larger injuries.

On the go, the thrower will try to hit the other players by throwing the ball or by running closer to another player before throwing the ball. The other players have to avoid getting hit by the ball. To make the game easier on the “thrower”, there can be a fixed area that the other players can run around to avoid getting hit.

If the thrower does not succeed in hitting a player the first time, they will have to pick up the same ball and attempt again, giving the other players more time to run further from the thrower.

If a player gets hit, they will become a “thrower” themselves.

Variations of Hantam Bola

Court Martial

This version requires some stones as well as an area where players can dig in. Each player has to dig a small hole and take turns to roll the ball into the hole. If a ball fell into the hole, the appointed thrower has to retrieve it and try to hit the other players who would be running away.

Anyone who was hit would put a stone into the hole that they have dug. Once a player accumulates three stones, the losing player would be “court-martialled”, and have to do a forfeit, often being unable to move while other players would aim to hit this one player with the ball.

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