Home Team Festival 2017: Seven Ways To Get In On the Action

Home Team Festival 2017
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Get in on the action at the Home Team Festival 2017 where visitors can watch exciting live demonstrations, get hands-on with cutting-edge tech and even feel the power of a sub-machine gun.

Taking place between 3 to 7 May 2017 at Singapore Sports Hub, Home Team Festival 2017 is filled with exhibitions, activities and displays. It also pays tribute to the past and present National Servicemen who have contributed to Singapore’s safety and security.

In other words, there is a plenty to see and do at the Home Team Festival 2017.

We round up 7 highlights that you can look forward to at the Home Team Festival 2017 from 3 to 7 May 2017. Take note that some of the activities may only be available from Friday, 5 May onwards.

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1. Gain an Appreciation of the Home Team’s Role

Home Team Festival 2017 ExhibitionsThere are four main show “zones” at the Home Team Festival 2017. The first two zones can be found under massive white domes in front of Kallang Wave Mall.

Integrity ZoneWith the theme of “Integrity”, at Zone 1 you can learn about key milestones in the history of different Home Team departments and meet some of the men and women who make up the departments. Trace the origins of the Home Team and find out how it has evolved from the days when “policemen wore shorts” to the modern force it is today.

Home Team EquipmentAt Zone 2 in the second dome, the focus is on what the Home Team does. Here, you can get a get a close-up look at the equipment used by different Home Team departments, such as the Singapore Police Force, Singapore Civil Defence Force and Singapore Prisons Service, in carrying out their duties.

Show at Home Team Festival 2017Under the same dome, there is also a kaleidoscopic showcase that highlights the daily activities undertaken by officers to keep Singapore safe and secure.

2. See the Latest Tech

Preparedness TentFrom the outside, the tent by the waterside looks modest and discrete. Inside, it looks just like Tony Stark’s laboratory.

Preparedness Zone, Home Team Festival 2017This is Zone 4 – Preparedness. Here, you get to see the latest gadgets and gizmos the Home Team is testing out in order to better respond to future challenges.

VR SetYou can try out a 3D virtual experience, Identifying a Terrorist Hideout, where you don VR goggles and case a suspect’s HDB flat.

ExoskeletonThere is also a prototype of an exoskeleton that could be developed to help firefighters carry heavy loads in the future.

Tech-crazy visitors will have plenty to see and do at the Zone 4 tent.

3. Boat Rides

With the Home Team Festival 2017’s location by the water, the public can look forward to thrilling boat rides on Home Team watercraft.

There two types of boat rides at the Festival.

At Marina Reservoir, the public can ride on smaller Police Coast Guard boats while larger classes of boats, such as the PT & RFV, will set off from Marina Barrage (a bus will ferry those who registered for those boat rides from Singapore Sports Hub to the Barrage).

Boat rides only take place from Friday, 5 May to Sunday, 7 May. There are various time slots available for boat rides and registration is a must. You can register onsite. Be sure to register early as demand for the boat rides is sure to be very high.

Take note that participants must be at least 1.2 metres tall to go on the boat rides and those below the age of 12 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

4. View Waterfront Displays and Demonstrations

Police Coast Guard BoatsEven if you are unable to take a boat ride, you can still go on a static tour of the Police Coast Guard’s PT, PIC and SCDF RFV boats docked along waterfront. These tours take place from Friday, 5 May to Sunday, 7 May, 10 am to 6 pm.

There will also be high-speed interception demonstrations by the Police Coast Guard Special Task Force Squadron. There will be three of these Sea Ops Demonstrations at Marina Reservoir on Friday 5 May and Saturday 6 May, taking place at 12.45 pm, 2.45 pm and 6.15 pm. On Sunday, 7 May, there will only be two shows and these will take place at 12.45 pm and 2.45 pm.

5. Firing Range

Range at Home Team Festival 2017Head to the firing range to try out some of the weapons used by the Home Team.

At the Home Team Festival 2017 range, weapons available include the H&K MP5 sub-machine gun used by the Police Coast Guard and Singapore Prison Service. There are also two non-lethal weapons, the FN303 Launcher and the TAC700 Launcher. These are both designed to incapacitate targets. Participants at the shooting range must be at least 1.2 metres tall.

6. Badge Making and Other Activities

Badge MakingColour on a paper template and press it into a badge. You can then bring it home as a memento of your visit to Home Team Festival 2017. There are a variety of designs to choose from. These include a One Home One Team logo, SPF Fast Response Car and ICA Z Backscatter Van.

Kiddy Rides at Home Team Festival 2017Beside badge making, other carnival activities that will be taking place include fingerprint dusting, dress-up photos, face painting and rides on kiddy vehicles with the Home Team livery on them.

7. ‘Live’ Police Ops and K9 Shows

Zone 3 – Resilience is located in front of the Sports Hub dome, up the stairs from the main Festival area. This is where you can watch live demonstrations and shows between Friday, 5 May, to Sunday, 7 May.

Some of the shows you can look forward to include:

K9 Shows

Friday, 5 May – 10.30 am, 3.30 pm and 7 pm
Saturday 6 May and Sunday 7 May – 10.30 am and 3.30 pm

Ops Demo

Friday, 5 May and Sunday 7 May – 11.45 am, 1.45 pm and 5 pm
Saturday 6 May – 11.45 am, 1.45 pm and 4.30 pm

Police Defence Tactics

Friday, 5 May – 11.15 am and 7.45 pm
Saturday 6 May and Sunday 7 May – 11.15 am 

Pay a visit to the Home Team Festival 2017 and learn more about the vital role the Home Team plays. You can be assured that it is going to be one of the safest places to be in Singapore over the weekend!

Home Team Festival 2017

Opening Hours
3 & 4 May: 5 pm to 10 pm
5 & 6 May: 10 am to 10 pm
7 May: 10 am to 6 pm
Location: Singapore Sports Hub
Free Admission

See the festival’s website and Facebook page for the latest updates.

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