Craft: Grow Your Adventure Tree

Grow Your Adventure Tree Craft
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“Plant” your own tree of adventure, nourish it with amazing experiences, and see it flourish! Here’s how:

What You Will Need for the Grow Your Adventure Tree Craft:

Grow Your Adventure Tree Craft Materials

  • A kitchen towel roll
  • Penknife (only for adult’s use)
  • Disposable spoons
  • Poster colour (green, light green, and yellow)
  • Markers or other writing materials
  • Colourful pom poms and stones or other relatively heavy decorative objects
  • A transparent plastic food container

Follow these steps:

  1. Cut small slits all around the kitchen towel roll with a penknife. An adult will need to help with this. Make sure that each slit is long enough for a disposable spoon to be inserted. This will be the trunk of your Adventure Tree.

e3 adventure tree spoon inserted

  1. “Plant” the trunk in the plastic food container. Use blue tack to keep it steady and throw in some stones or other heavy objects to weigh the container down. Decorate further with colourful pom poms.
  2. Paint the spoons with green and yellow poster colour. These are to be leaves with branches.

Grow Your Adventure Tree Craft Spoon

  1. When you’ve encountered something fun or meaningful, write it down on the concave side of a painted spoon. Here are some examples: It’s the school holidays!, Made new friends, Played at Admiralty Park, Went on a Little Day Outing, Saw a double rainbow, Went museum hopping, Enjoyed Perth, Baked cupcakes, Rescued a baby bird.

Grow Your Adventure Tree Craft Spoon5. Insert the spoon into a slit on the kitchen towel roll. The more adventures you record, the faster your Adventure Tree grows!

Grow Your Adventure Tree Craft

Grow Your Adventure Tree CraftCome Christmas, decorate it with tinsels and baubles. Dress it up with angbows for the Chinese New Year. And hang fairy lights on it in celebration of Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali. This is one tree that grows with you through the seasons!

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