Go Green For Wildlife at WRS Parks

Water Dispenser at Singapore Zoo
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Do your part and bring a refillable bottle to the zoo the next time you visit. This is a simple way you can go green at WRS parks in Singapore.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s latest sustainability initiative, Go Green For Wildlife campaign, aims to encourage its visitors to adopt sustainable practices such as these as part of their lifestyle.

Go Green at WRS Parks

Among the first projects under the Go Green For Wildlife initiative is a partnership between Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Hyflux. Aimed at reducing single-use plastic waste, customised water dispensers have been installed at the Singapore Zoo and River Safari. Visitors to the two parks are encouraged to make use of these dispensers to refill their water bottles rather than purchasing disposable bottles of water.

The ultra-filtration water dispensers were designed by Hyflux and feature an auto-sensor that allows for one-handed operation. This makes it easier for young children to use. The dispensers also feature a screen that displays the number of single-use plastic bottles saved daily.

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Go Green at WRS Parks
Among the first projects under Go Green For Wildlife is the WRS and Hyflux partnership that aims to reduce plastic waste by providing customised water dispensers in Singapore Zoo and River Safari.
From left: Mr Yap Kim Wah, Deputy Chairman & CEO, Hyflux Caprica Pte Ltd, Ms Olivia Lum, Executive Chairman and Group CEO, Hyflux Ltd, Mr S Dhanabalan, Chairman, Mandai Park Holdings, Mr

Ms Olivia Lum, Executive Chairman & Group CEO, Hyflux Ltd, said, “With our mission to provide sustainable solutions that transform lives, Hyflux is excited to partner Wildlife Reserves Singapore to explore green initiatives by leveraging our technology. This partnership is in line with our sustainable business approach and we look forward to playing our part to help conserve the environment.”

Singapore Zoo also offers a Trash Busters programmes which educates preschoolers on how to reduce the use of single-use plastics and the importance of recycling.

Trash Busters
Singapore Zoo’s Zoo Goes to Schools: Trash Busters reaches out to pre-school children and seeks to educate and encourage young minds on the harmful effects of plastic waste to the environment, and on how to properly dispose waste or to recycle where possible.

Other Sustainability Initiatives at WRS Parks

Other initiatives being undertaken by Wildlife Reserves Singapore under the Go Green For Wildlife campaign including switching to the use of certified sustainable palm oil in all its food and beverage outlets.

It has also committed to serving only sustainably sourced seafood at its food outlets. This has already resulted in Night Safari’s Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant removing chili crab and crabmeat fried rice from its menu. It also aims to cease the sale of such dishes at it private dining events by April 2017.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore is also working toward using clean energy in the form of solar panels, energy-saving LED lamps and electric trams.

“It is a mammoth task to save animal species and protect the environment, yet it is something each and every one of us can contribute to. We hope to inspire an appreciation of nature, and spur action — join us, and Go Green For Wildlife!” said Mr Mike Barclay, Group CEO, Mandai Park Holdings, the holding company of Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

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