Get Hands-On At The Singapore Maker Extravaganza 2019 This Weekend

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This weekend, more than 550 makers and creators have come together at Science Centre Singapore for the Singapore Maker Extravaganza 2019. The three-day event is a showcase of Singapore’s do-it-yourself culture and passion to create.

There are more than 60 booths at the Singapore Maker Extravaganza 2019. These demonstrate how Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics can be applied to practical projects in creative ways.

Here are some of the booths at the Singapore Maker Extravaganza 2019.

“Clear Trash from the Reef”

“Clear Trash from the Reef”Taman Jurong Active Aging and ITE have collaborated on a project to highlight the need to protect the marine environment. This includes a game where players are challenged to operate a vehicle to clear up “trash” from the “ocean”.

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NYP Makers Innovators Tribe

NYP Makers Innovators TribeStop by the NYP Makers booth to make sand art or try out a claw machine fabricated from recycled materials.

Make A Cardboard Dinosaur

Make A Cardboard DinosaurGet hands-on and make a miniature, moving cardboard dinosaur designed by local cardboard sculptor Bartholomew Ting.

Get Hacking with Tinker Academy

Get Hacking with Tinker Academy - Singapore Makers Extravaganza 2019Tinker Academy is showcasing some of the projects from its upcoming book Let’s Get Hacking with Micro:bit. These include light sabers, cardboard cars and a mini carpark gantry.

Social Savings Bank

Get Hacking with Tinker AcademyThe piggy bank has been given a smart update by Monfort Secondary School. Part of the school’s Applied Learning Programme, the Social Savings Bank keeps track of whether its savings are above or below average.

Mars Rover ModelAlso on display are 3D printed concept models of the Mars Rovers designed by the school’s Makers Club.

Submersible ROV

Submersible ROVEpitomising the “can-do” spirit of the maker community is Kashif Maqsood’s homemade submersible ROV. It is fabricated out of PVC pipes and manoeuvres underwater using multiple propellers.

Make Your Own Anything

ViviStopAt ViviStop’s booth, try creating your own machine out using programming and physical building blocks. It is a quick way to experiment with creative ideas.

Young Technopreneurs for a Sustainable 2030 Challenge

In addition to the booths and displays, this year’s Singapore Makers Extravaganza also encompasses the inaugural Young Technopreneurs for a Sustainable 2030 Challenge, presented by Temasek Foundation. In the Challenge, youth between 13 to 18 years old brainstormed, developed and prototyped solutions based on the theme of sustainable development.

The top 15 finalist teams are showcasing their work at the Singapore Maker Extravaganza 2019.

Platform for the Maker Community

“The Singapore Maker Extravaganza is a platform for the maker community to come together, share their successes and also their failures. Whether the work is fuelled by science, technology or arts, our aim is to stimulate a passion among attendees to create rather than consume. We want them to leave the event feeling inspired by the projects and empower them to pick up skills to be able to think and attempt to develop solutions to address problems they face on a day-to-day basis as such efforts can go towards building a better tomorrow,” said Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of Science Centre Singapore.

Singapore Maker Extravaganza 2019

When: 18 to 20 October 2019
Where: Annexe Halls 1 to 3, Science Centre Singapore
Tickets are priced at $10 per adult and $8 per child. Tickets are available online and onsite.

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