Free Virtual Learn-To-Cycle Workshops: Get Tips For Your Next Family Cycle From Biking Singapore

Free Virtual Learn-To-Cycle Workshops: Get Tips For Your Next Family Cycle From Biking Singapore
Image: Adapted from Biking Singapore
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Whether you want to teach your child how to cycle or need a quick refresher on two-wheeled skills, join a virtual Learn-to-Cycle workshop by Biking Singapore to get tips straight from the experts.

Virtual Learn-To-Cycle Workshops

Virtual Learn-To-Cycle Workshops

Organised in collaboration with Sport Singapore, Biking Singapore is organising its first virtual Learn-to-Cycle workshop series this June 2020.

The workshops are conducted in easy-to-digest, half-an-hour sessions, led by Biking Singapore’s Chief Coach Tony Loo.

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During the live workshops, conducted over Facebook Live, you can look forward to answers to common questions like “Should I learn with a two-wheeler or four-wheeler?” and “How do I maintain my new bike?”

If you have other questions, the live sessions are an ideal chance to pose them to the experts and get them answered.

Tips & Advice from Biking Singapore

Tips & Advice from Biking Singapore
Image: Biking Singapore

Through the workshop series, parents can glean tips on how guide their children who are learning on how to cycle. It is also a way to find out how to get the entire family ready for fun cycling activities.

In case you are wondering, “Is it necessary for me to a bicycle with me to join the workshops?”, the answer is “no”.

Instead, you can just watch the demonstrations to pick up the tips and suggestions.

Of course, if you do want to bring out your bicycle and follow along with the instructions, you are most welcomed to do so too.

The five-part series will be conducted on both weekdays and weekends.

Here are the various dates and topics being covered during the Virtual Learn-to-Cycle Workshops:

Learn-to-Cycle Workshop: Bike Fit & Seating Posture15 June 2020, 8 pm13 June 2020, 11 am
Learn-to-Cycle Workshop: The Walking Drill & Handlebar Management17 June 2020, 8 pm14 June 2020, 11 am
Learn-to-Cycle Workshop: Pedal & Cycling Manoeuvre Management19 June 2020, 8 pm20 June 2020, 11 am
Beginner Cycling Workshop: Cycling Drills for Beginner21 June 2020, 8 pm21 June 2020, 11 am
Intermediate Cycling Workshop: Basic Mountain Biking Drills & Bicycle Maintenance24 June 2020, 8 pm27 June 2020, 11 am

Register Early and Receive a Credit

Register Early and Receive a Credit
Image: Biking Singapore

Be among the first 50 to register your interest in advance for the Virtual Learn-to-Cycle Workshop and receive a $20 discount credit to Biking Singapore’s physical cycling programmes.

To make sure that you are able to make use of the credit, it is going to be valid all the way till 1 January 2021.

Find out about Biking Singapore’s free Virtual Learn-to-Cycle workshop and register your interest early here.

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