Five Dog Jokes That Will Paw-sitively Bring About Either A Smile Or A Groan

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Here are some dog jokes which we paw-sitively hope will brighten up your day. We tried to pack as much humour into them as paw-sible, but they are probably bordering on being a bit too corgi corny. Any howl, here goes.

Dog on the Beach

Question: What do you call it when a dog accidentally swallows a gemstone?

Answer: A diamond in the ‘ruff.

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Question: The dog detective was assigned to a top secret stakeout. However, he discovered that his shoes kept squeaking. When he reported this to his superior, his superior told him to buy a new pair of shoes. Where did he go?

Answer: Hush Puppies.

Question: Why did the dog from the far north get the job as a radio DJ?

Answer: Because he had a husky voice.

DogsButtons the Maltipoo had not seen his friend Snowy the Poodle at the Wishbone Club for a long time.

One day, Buttons bumped into Snowy on the street. They stopped to catch up and Buttons asked Snowy, “How come I haven’t seen you at the Wishbone Club recently?” Snowy replied saying, “Oh, the Club kicked me out because I forgot to pay my membership fleas.”

Buttons and Snowy were all at the Dog Ball, the most fashionable high society event of the year. The ballroom was packed from wall to wall with dogs dressed to the nines. From across the room, Buttons and Snowy could hear dogs going “ouch”, “ouch”, “ouch” in succession.

Buttons turned to Snowy and said, “That’s Tiny coming towards us.”

“How do you know?” asked Snowy.

Buttons replied, “It’s simple. Tiny is a Pinscher.”

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