FairPrice Xtra Parkway Parade: Supermarket With Ice Cream, Sushi, Coffee And Cocktail Area

FairPrice Xtra Parkway
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The Parkway Parade FairPrice Xtra supermarket has a variety of features such as a dine-in area, sushi bar and even a cocktail area. Located at the 5th floor where Parkway Parade’s Giant Supermarket used to be, we paid it a visit to check out some of its unique features.

The FairPrice Xtra at Parkway Parade is pretty large, on top of the usual sections that allow you to buy fresh produce and other household necessities, you can expect to find areas a few unique dedicated areas that might not be in most other FairPrice Xtra supermarkets.

5 Zones at FairPrice Xtra Parkway Parade

There are five different zones in this FairPrice Xtra Parkway Parade. “Fresh and Local” section with fresh produce, products and catches, “The World’s Favourites” which brings meats, alcohol and treats from around the world, “Groceries, Home & Beauty Essentials” as well as a Dine-In & Fun Section which brings along several sections which can be found at the Parkway Parade supermarket.  

Dine-In & Fun Sections

The Kitchen

Kitchen FairPrice Xtra Parkway

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Not just a place to buy food to take back to your kitchen, customers can choose a protein or fresh produce of their choice to be prepared for them to eat on the spot or cooked in advance for the next meal.

Sushi Bar

Sushi FairPrice Xtra Parkway

If you enjoy Japanese food and getting Japanese produce, consider eating at the on-site sushi bar. Other than sushi rolls, they also serve a variety of Bento sets and sides such as yakimono (grilled meats), and agemono (deep-fried foods)

Ice Cream Counter

Ice cream FairPrice Xtra Parkway

Those who are craving a sweet treat can get some delicious locally made ice cream by Alfero Gelato. Other than scoops of ice cream in a cone or cup as well as pints of ice cream to bring home, customers can get an ice cream cake or even an ice cream macaron to beat the heat!

Coffee Stop

coffee FairPrice Xtra Parkway

Headed by Tiong Hoe Coffee, choose from 20 different origins of speciality coffee from places such as Asia, Africa and South and Central America. They serve both freshly made coffee as well as pre-made cold brew drinks.

Cocktail Bar

the bar FairPrice Xtra Parkway

A first for many supermarkets, customers who wish to enjoy an alcoholic drink or two can do so at the bar in FairPrice Xtra itself! They even have a “house-brand” cocktail such as the Fairprice Fizz!

dine in area FairPrice Xtra Parkway

With the large variety of food choices in the Parkway Parade FairPrice Xtra, it is all topped off with a section for customers to dine on-site.

Kids Play Area

kids play area FairPrice Xtra Parkway

There is also a kid’s play area with various arcade games and one or two rides. There is also a space that is currently being used to run various special promotions and workshops. Although this area seems a little scarce, there is probably going to be more activities as soon as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in the future.

Bulk Foods and Live Station

bulk foods FairPrice Xtra Parkway

Located in the “World’s Favourites” zone, customers can pick and choose a variety of bulk food items, from the usual flour, nuts and ready to eats to other products such as handmade noodles and rice cakes.

Those who wish to grind their own nut butter can do so onsite at the live station which provides all the necessary equipment.

sampling station FairPrice Xtra Parkway

There is also a sampling section that allows you to try certain products in smaller amounts before committing to getting them in bulk.

spices FairPrice Xtra Parkway

There is even a spice section with a selection of different spices such as fish curry powder, clove powder, allspice powder and more.

FairPrice Xtra Parkway Parade

Entrance FairPrice Xtra Parkway

You can get more details the hypermart, sign up for activities and try your hand at some online games to win attractive prizes at FairPrice’s website here.

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