Eggs At Gardens By The Bay: Resonating Life On The Waters Of Dragonfly Lake

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You may have come across the large number of ovoids or eggs at Gardens by the Bay at the Dragonfly Lake. To be soft launched on 15 December 2019, these are part of the outdoor exhibits at the #futuretogether exhibition, organised as part of the Singapore Bicentennial.

The eggs at Gardens by the Bay are the work of teamLab, the art collective that was founded in 2001 to explore the relationship between humans and nature, oneself and the world, through art and technology.

Eggs At Gardens By The Bay

Entitled Autonomous Resonating Life on the Water and Resonating Trees, the interactive digital installation is a commentary on how we are all interconnected by invisible threads to one another.

Eggs At Gardens By The BayIn the day, the eggs at Gardens by the Bay appear white, almost like a swarm of giant insects have laid their eggs on the lake or the aliens from Cocoon are invading Singapore.

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Lit Up EggsFrom 7 pm to 12 am, the ovoids will be lit up in bright colours of purple, blues, yellows and reds. The trees at the edge of Dragonfly Lake also light up in sympathy with the eggs. They shine brightly and fade together, as if they have a natural, innate pulse of life.

Interactive Art

Some of the 334 ovoids stand along the boardwalk, inviting visitors to interact with them.

Interactive Art, Autonomous Resonating Lfe on the Water and Resonating Trees - Gardens by the Bay, #futuretogetherPush an ovoid and the colour of its light changes. It also emits a tone which is specific to the colour. The first ovoid’s colour change then triggers the next adjacent one to also change colour, creating a ripple effect of light changes that emanate throughout the art installation. This results in ever changing hues as people interact with the squishy ovoids.

FutureTogether Exhibition, Floating Eggs, Gardens by the BayThe work reflects how singular ideas can resonate and spread outwards from the original source. Colour changes triggered from another part of the installation are also a reminder that there are other living beings in the same space.

Find out more about the #FutureTogether exhibition at Gardens by the Bay.

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