Don Don Donki JCube: Sushi Bar, Takoyaki And Food Court

Don Don Donki JCube: Sushi Bar, Takoyaki And Food Court
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Don Don Donki has opened its 7th outlet and first in the West at JCube. It is located in the basement, occupying the former premises of the NTUC supermarket and food court.

Not content with just having a retail store at the JCube basement, Don Don Donki also operates a food court at the other side of Basement 1. Don Don Donki is inescapable no matter which way you look – much like its earworm theme song.

Basement Shopping

Don Don Donki JCube is mainly stocked with food items and fresh produce.

Don Don Donki JCube is mainly stocked with food items and fresh produce.Just past the entrance is the fresh produce section. On display when we visited were some really enticing-looking snow strawberries.

Don don donkitHead in to the rear of the store for the deli and ready-to-eat meals section. The many boxes of pre-packed Japanese dons and fried delights make it extremely tempting to grab-and-go, even if you aren’t exactly feeling hungry.

We saw Mozzarella cheese sticks advertised at the Delicatessen section but could not locate them amongst the selection of snacks. Perhaps they had proven too popular and had already flown off the shelves.

Eating areaThere is a small eating area at the front of the store where you can consume any food you have bought.

Don Don Donki Sushi Bar

Don Don Donki Sushi BarSomething new at Don Don Donki JCube is the Sushi Bar located within the retail store. Here, sushi is made-to-order by the chef after you have placed your order.

Don Don Donki Sushi Bar BurgerA unique item on the menu is Sushi Burgers. A bit like onigiri, the Sushi Burgers sandwich filling between two layers of rice.

The Sushi Bar is open from 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 10 pm.

Japanese Food Court

Food CourtOver at the 360-seater food court, the stall which is attracting the longest queue is Gindaco, the famous takoyaki brand from Japan. The queue is so long that it snakes outside of the Don Don Donki food court.

FoodTopping options that are getting some buzz include mentaiko mayo and egg mayo.

There are many other stalls to check out at the Don Don Donki JCube food court.

Doton specialises in OkonomiyakiDoton specialises in Okonomiyaki – cooked while you sit at the counter.

SabarOr have an unagi meal from Unagi Daioh or saba from, errm, Sabar.

Sweet potatoFor a quick snack, head over to the Sweet Potato Factory stall where you can get tasty baked sweet potatoes.

Looks like Don Don Donki JCube is going to be a magnet for Japanese food-lovers in the West of Singapore.

Don Don Donki JCube

Where: 2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-12/18/19 JCube, Singapore 609731
Opening Hours: 8 am to 12 am