DIY Christmas Decorations with the Kids

DIY Christmas Decorations with Kids
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Christmas is coming. The kids are having their school holidays. You need to get the home looking festive for the season. And the kids need activities to occupy them during their break.

How about killing two birds with one stone, by making your own Christmas decorations together with the kids?

It’ll be a fun collaboration and a good time of bonding. The craft sessions may also spark new ideas in the little ones, and get them creating more on their own.

Here are some easy-to-do Christmas decorations that can be made using things readily available at home. One thing to remember when crafting with kids: It’s about participation, not perfection.

Crush Crush Christmas Baubles

DIY Christmas decor baubles

This one is really easy. And fun! All you need are some sheets of aluminium foil, some crepe paper, some twine or ribbon, a pair of scissors, and a little bit of glue.

  1. Crush the aluminium foil into a ball. And fashion a hook out of the foil at the top of the ball.

DIY Christmas decor baubles

  1. Cut thin strips from the crepe paper (choose the colours you like) and loop them – freestyle – around the ball. Use a little glue on intersecting strips to keep them in place.

DIY Christmas decor baubles

  1. Loop a length of twine or ribbon through the hook and tie a knot at the top.

DIY Christmas decor baubles

  1. Hang your completed bauble on the Christmas tree!

DIY Christmas decor baubles


Stack a Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas decor tree stack

Have some pretty disposable cups left over from your last party? Use them for this craft! Other things you’ll need: a sponge, a piece of art card, a pair of scissors. That’s it!

  1. Make small slits all around the open end of the cup. Then curl the strips around a pencil so they flare outwards. Make a few of these, depending on how tall you want your tree to be.

DIY Christmas decor tree stack cup

  1. Cut the sponge into smaller pieces. Stick a piece into each cup. Push them right in until they fit snugly in the cups.

DIY Christmas decor tree stack

  1. Stack the cups on top of each other.

DIY Christmas decor tree stack

  1. To make the “star” on top of the tree, cut two rectangles out of the art card. Make a cut halfway across the centre of each rectangle. Fit the two pieces together to form an “X” shape.

DIY Christmas decor cross star

  1. Put the star at the top of the stacked-up cups. And you’ve got your Christmas tree! Make a few “trees” of differing heights and patterns, and display them as a group at your chosen spot!


Rudolf in a Cup

DIY Christmas decor Rudolph cup

Here’s another Christmas decoration idea using disposable cups. For this craft, it’s best to use a white cup without any patterns. Besides that, you’ll need some brown bendy straws, a piece of red crepe paper, a pair of googly eyes, a pair of scissors, and some glue.

  1. Paint the cup brown using poster colour.

DIY Christmas decor Rudolph cup painting

  1. Crush the red crepe paper into a ball and glue it onto the centre of the cup. Then stick the googly eyes above Rudolf’s red nose. (The open end of the cup is at the bottom.)

DIY Christmas decor Rudolph cup

  1. Poke two holes through the closed end of the cup.

DIY Christmas decor Rudolph cup

  1. Cut slits on two straws. Insert short pieces cut from another straw into the slits so they look like horns.

DIY Christmas decor Rudolph cup straw

  1. Poke the two “horns” through the holes in the cup and voila! Rudolf is ready to guide Santa’s sleigh!

DIY Christmas decor Rudolph cup

Aren’t these Christmas decorations easy to DIY? Enjoy the craft! Feel free to improvise!

Here’s wishing you a merry, merry Christmas!




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