Discover The Story Of Chocolate With Glico’s Cacao Story 360 VR

Chocolate With Glico’s Cacao Story 360 VR
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Who doesn’t love chocolate? But not many people know its origins or how it gets transformed from cacao beans into the rich, brown goodness that we all love? Glico, the company behind Pocky, is now inviting you to go on a virtual experience (VR) journey with Cacao Story 360.

Glico’s Cacao Story 360

Cacao Story 360 unveils the secrets of how cacao beans are grown and harvested and then transformation into chocolate.

The virtual reality content is set in Ecuador, a country in which Glico sources its cacao beans for use in its well-loved Pocky snacks.


Viewers get flown over a town and pay a visit to a cacao plantation. The VR content provides an up close look at the process from cultivation to harvesting to, finally, shipping out of the cacao beans. There is an interview with an Ecuadorean farmer which provide insights into the farming process and life on the farm.

With aerial footage that provides a bird’s eye view, there is so much to see and look at within Glico Cacao Story 360.

The content is broken up into nine chapters.

Video footage is accompanied by English language narration by two characters, the Doc and his assistant.

Virtual Reality Learning Experience

It is only available viewing on a smart phone.

Discover The Story Of Chocolate With Glico’s Cacao Story 360 VR
Image: Screenshot from Cacao Story 360

While VR goggles can help to enhance the experience, those who do not have VR goggles can still enjoy Glico’s Cacao Story 360. It has the option to be viewed in normal mode.

Glico’s Cacao 360 VR is a great way to learn about the origins of chocolate. After understanding the process it undergoes, you will be left with a new appreciation for chocolate and the work that goes into the “food of the gods”.

The Cacao 360 VR content was originally made for limited viewership. Glico has made it available to the public to help children enjoy learning at home in conjunction with International Day of Families on 15 May 2020.

View Cacao 360 VR here.

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