Dignity Mama: Buy Books And Support The Differently Abled

Dignity Mama: Buy Books And Support The Differently Abled
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How do you nurture a bookworm? Encourage them to read books.

How do you nurture empathy? Be giving.

How do you do both? Buy or donate books at Dignity Mama!

What is Dignity Mama?

Dignity Mama bookstore is a social enterprise under Project Dignity that employs adults with special needs. They man the bookstore with the help of other supportive caregivers. The micro-enterprise model through zero-cost product via donations help the differently abled to gain basic employable skills.

Furthermore, books sold are recycled thus promoting sustainability through reducing landfill, while raising one bookworm at a time.

Books and More at Dignity Mama

What is Dignity Mama?

Books and handmade ornaments can be purchased at Dignity Mama at very low prices. There is a good range of children’s books, both in English and Chinese as well as books for adults in fiction and non-fiction. There were cook books, self-help books, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, readers other than the usual picture books. I recall fondly dropping by NUH’s Dignity Mama whenever I visited my obstetrician and finding gems in paper form for my children.

There is something about preloved books that are irresistible – perhaps it’s the browning pages or the low cost. Knowing that the book was appreciated by its owner before the current purchase has some sentimental value to it. Dignity Mama’s books are all lovingly donated. That is also why there is a high chance of seeing a cover that has ceased publication, a good old book from your childhood days.

Familiar series like Usborne’s, LEGO, Frederick, Roald Dahl, Hardy Boys can be found at Dignity Mama. Prices start from $1 a book and there are often boxes with discounted prices like 3 for $5. You can even call up the store to check on specific titles.

Dignity Mama at NUH is currently running a buy 1 get 1 free promotion on all Chinese books. I spotted some Malaysian comics and Taiwanese books that the boys would love. Such editions seem rare and I was glad that the collection at Dignity Mama was a “curated” one.

Where is Dignity Mama?

Where is Dignity Mama?

Dignity Mama is located at four different hospitals – NUH Medical Centre, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Sengkang General Hospital.

How Can You Support Dignity Mama?

Donate books which are in good condition at either Ng Teng Fong Hospital or NUH One@KentRidge.

Support Dignity Mama by buying books, handmade ornaments and stationery!

You can see the team manning the bookstore, managing the cashier and learning to give change in cash during transactions. Do exercise patience, give them a big smile and thank you as you bring home new reads!

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