Christmas Movies To Watch With The Family

Christmas Movies To Watch With The Family
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Planning to stay in on Christmas Day and simply chill out? Pop on a Christmas movie, grab a drink and some cookies, and settle down for an hour or two. Don’t want to watch Die Hard or Home Alone? Here are some Christmas movies that you put on a screen near you!

Christmas Movies to Watch During the Holidays


Jesper Johansson, the son of the postmaster, gets sent to the small town of Smeerensburg, and has to complete a quest to get 6,000 letters posted within a year so that he can return home. He encounters a reclusive woodsman and hatches a plan. Klaus is a heart-warming film that provides an alternate origin story of Santa Claus. Highly recommended. Available on Netflix.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey stars as the Grinch in this movie adaptation of the Dr Seuss classic. The Grinch is out to steal Christmas from Whoville but the kindness of a little girl melts his heart. Available on Netflix.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol

We aren’t quite sure what is with Jim Carrey and Christmas but he also stars in this flick. This animated retelling of Charles Dicken’s classic story also features Gary Oldman and Colin Firth. It is available on Apple TV.

The Polar Express

This is an animated story of a young boy whose holiday spirit is revived again as he makes his way by train to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, learning about friendshop and bravery along the way. Available on Netflix.

Shrek the Halls

Not a full-length animated movie but Shrek the Halls is still entertaining fun. Shrek’s hopes for a quiet Christmas are dashed when he has to go in search of a Christmas present for Fiona. Available on Netflix.