Bubble Tea Factory Has A New DIY Station Where You Can Make Your Own Bubble Tea

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The Bubble Tea Factory is every Bubble Tea Lover’s dream come to life and, from now till 15 December, visitors can have an extra special boost to their BBT experience by being able to customise and make their very own bubble tea.

This collaboration is the result of an idea brewing since the opening of the Bubble Tea Factory and made possible with all-time favourite brands such as Gong Cha.

DIY Bubble Tea at the Bubble Tea Factory

DIY Bubble Tea at the Bubble Tea FactoryThe DIY section at the Bubble Tea Factory is located towards the end of your Boba-tastic journey through the magical Bubble Tea Factory. Simply flash your Power Up card in the bubble tea booster pack and redeem your free cup of bubble tea – although in this case, it’s an empty cup for you to fill it with whichever toppings and ingredients you please.

Boba Barista wannabes will be happy to know that this station isn’t just taking a piece of paper and checking off ingredients that you would want. Instead, it’s an actual hands-on experience.

Slip on some gloves and start with the topping section where you get to choose from black tapioca, white pearls, coconut jelly and rainbow jelly!


Choose the saucesStep two is the choosing of sauces. You can pick from a variety of fruit sauces and of course, brown sugar. Be it sugar level 50%, 100% or 210% (JK), it’s all up to you. Don’t skip the ice! You’ll need it as you finish off with step three.

Add TeaWhat’s boba without tea? Just boba. LOL. Choose from freshly brewed green tea or milk tea and seal in all that goodness in a cup at the last step.

Make Your Own BBT at the FactoryGrab a straw (or bring your own), and sip away at your very own customised bubble tea.

The Bubble Tea Factory is a Mini BBT DisneyLand

The Bubble Tea Factory is a Mini BBT DisneyLandThere’s no secret that The Bubble Tea Factory is a mini DisneyLand for bubble tea lovers. Those who identify as such will be happy to know that the Bubble Tea Factory is extending its stay till 18 January 2020! Now there’s even more time to float around in this bubble of happiness. Hear our thoughts on how this BBT exhibition surprised us.