#BraveheartSG: Pen A Handwritten Note To Say Thank You To Healthcare Professionals

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With so many ordinary Singaporeans on edge about the Covid-19 outbreak, it is hard to let out a cough in public nowadays without turning heads – for the wrong reasons. However, nothing compares with what the real heroes in this fight –healthcare workers – face each day.

There are have been recent reports of healthcare professionals being shunned or ostracised in public areas – which just doesn’t seem right.

As the Care To Go Beyond – Nursing Facebook page puts it, “For all their sacrifices (think cancelled planned leave and additional working hours), they definitely deserve better. Nurses are human beings too. If you see our nurses around, don’t forget to cheer them on with a word of thanks because it will go a long way in brightening their day.”

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Besides saying a simple “thank you” to those you come across, here are some other ways you can make your voice heard for good.


With Valentine’s Day coming up, ground-up community group, StandUpFor.SG, wants to help spread words of encouragement to doctors and nurses. As part of #braveheartsg movement, they are asking people to express their appreciation to medical personnel through a simple note.

To do so, pen down a handwritten message and take a picture of it. After that, post it to social media with hashtag #braveheartsg. Photos can also be emailed to braveheartsg2020@gmail.com.

The folks at StandUpFor.SG will print out the notes and aims to deliver them, together with snacks and drinks, to medical service personnel on 14 February, Valentine’s Day.

Pen a Thank You Note - #BraveheartSG

“We want them to know that we are behind them. As they fight this coronavirus, we have their backs and we love them and care for them. So, let’s all come together and show them our support,” said the organisers.

Community Centres

Leave a handwritten note at a community centreSome community centres and residents’ community centres have also setup boards where people can write down their well wishes for healthcare workers as part of Total Defence Day, which falls on 15 February.

You can check with your nearby centre to find out if you can do so there.


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