Bite-Sized Parenting: 6 Back-To-School Tips To Get Kids Ready For A New Term

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay
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With a new school term starting, it’s important to make the transition from holiday to return to school a smooth one so that kids can get in the right headspace to learn and develop life skills. If your kids have been out of their usual routine, here are some things that you can start checking off the list with six back-to-school tips to get kids ready for a new term

6 Back-to-School Tips To Get Kids Ready

Sleep early and re-establish routines


Holidays are usually the time where every day is a weekend, and if that means sleeping in, it’s important to ensure that your child’s sleep cycle is back in sync with the usual school routine. Start getting them to sleep and wake up early for fun morning activities such as breakfast or a walk in the park. Parents can also start getting their kids to sleep at regular times by making it progressively earlier each time.

Make sure homework is completed

Holiday homework is a task that would have been given by teachers for kids to complete. Getting kids to take responsibility for their homework is a skill that should be honed and enforced especially during the holidays. Understandably, work amidst play is not what anyone is inclined to, so check in with them to see if homework is complete and also assist if possible.

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Prepare the School Uniform

Kids grow very quickly, so check to see if the necessary clothes such as the school uniform and shoes are wearable to prevent last-minute shopping rushes. This is also the time to make time for any necessary hair cuts. Kids that are old enough can also use this time to learn how to do tasks such as ironing their clothes.

Pack the Bags and Top Up the Pocket Money

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Upper primary and secondary school students will be headed back to school while the rest will be having a few more days of Home-Based Learning. Be sure you’re all set and ready to head back to physical classes with the necessary stationery, books and pocket money. For kids that are staying home, be sure that the HBL space is conducive for classes.

Check-in on their emotional state

Breaking out of a routine or headspace that has been the usual can be difficult for kids. It can also be difficult being away from friends or adapting to online classes. Check-in on how your child might be feeling, what they are excited about and worries they might have in returning to school.

Remind them of good hygiene practices

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Even though the whole COVID-19 situation is improving and more people are getting vaccinated, be sure to remind your kid to wash their hands regularly, wipe down personal spaces and keep their masks on as required.

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